London Cycle Show

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The UK’s biggest bike exhibition, The Cycle Show returns to Earls Court in London from the 8th to the 10th of October. Singletrack are going to be there in force and we’ve already decided on this year’s theme for our stand, which is going to be a delightfully sleazy 1970’s love nest (it’s at D25, fact fans).  We’d love it if you headed over, had a chat and a mooch or swapped your hard earned cash for the lovely Singletrack things we’ll have on offer. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to touch Jon’s long, flowing mullet, admire our smart polyester shirts and flares or run your hands through the large amounts of thick and fluffy chest hair on show. Lucky isn’t the right word is it?

Obviously, it’s not all about us, as there will be hundreds of the biggest brands in cycling present, from SRAM to De Rosa and from Dakine to Moulton, so if you’ve been fired up by all our Eurobike coverage this is your chance to have a look at and a fondle of next year’s kit right now.

As well as being able to see the latest kit there’s also plenty of other things to do, with the Tirol/Dare2B Mountain Bike Experience test track that allows you to ride the latest bikes on a ‘North Shore style’ course, a more sedate commuter test track and if you’d prefer to watch, there’s a BMX street course demo with some of the world’s top riders laying down the radness, plus much more…

As a reader of our lovely website, we’re giving you a chance to get discounted tickets in advance for £10.50* rather than the £15 you’d pay on the door. In order to take advantage, you just need to head to with the ticket offer code STM.

The Cycle Show will be open daily from 10am to 6pm on  (Sunday is 10am to 5pm) from the 8th til the 10th of October (the 7th is a trade day) so if you like the sound of it, get them booked – and make sure say hello to us if you do.

Not Any Smaller Print:

*Discount only valid on tickets bought in advance and based upon ‘on the door’ ticket price of £15.00. All tickets are subject to a £1 transaction fee per booking only. The price shown here does not include the fee.

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  1. if the show is anything like last year….it’ll be rubbish, not worth half that price, just my opinion obviously!although the free badges on the ST stand were nice

  2. It’s basically paying to be advertised to. You might as well just go and walk around a bike shop for a couple of hours.

  3. Agree with other comments – although it was a few years ago that i last went. Might be useful for trade peeps.
    Much more useful and interesting to sit at home with a mug of tea and let the journos pick out the interesting bits to post about for our enjoyment.

  4. Out of interest, how much is/was the motor show that used to be in Brum? Fancy cars on display… no one could buy any of them mind.. it was just a look but don;t touch show.

    The Cycleshow has the largest collection of bikes and accessories under one roof in the UK including stuff not previously seen, and as much fun as it is to look at the reports coming back from Vegas right now, they are just pictures and it’s not the same as seeing the stuff in the flesh surely?

    If you are a cycling enthusiast then you will be eager to go. If you are not then you won’t be interested.

    There’s entertainment in the form of riding displays, BMX street. ramp, trials etc.. You can even ride some of the bikes.

    Entry is about a third of the price you’d pay to see some blokes kick a ball around for 90 minutes, and you don’t even get to have a go at kicking the ball yourself! 🙂

    If you have your ticket booked already then we’ll see you there.. Internet, armchair cyclists need not apply 😉

    Oh, and you’ll be able to get a subscription for half price from us, which in itself is worth more than the entry cost!

  5. not wanting to appear to blow smoke up any orifices, but I went last year and it was really good (much better than previous time I went at Excel).
    lots of the shiney stuff to poke and feel and gawp at, lots of people willing to talk to you about compression flux, the TPI of your brake grips and other guff.
    don’t go on your own, go with a mate or your family – much more interesting.
    and go to the bar and have a couple of pints of Aspalls – it makes everything even shinier!

  6. Lets be honest here, with Hotlines and Madsion boycotting it this year it is going to be even more of a dissapointment, thats some big companys they are going to be missing. Ive been the last two years but i am not going this year.

  7. Nice try, Mark, but if I hadn’t experienced the show first hand (and i’m yet to hear signifcant feedback that it might have since magically changed in format to now be something *brilliant*) then your big-up wouldn’t sound as hollow to me as it does…
    And this from a chap who considers himself to be a glass-half-full kinda person 😉
    Have a great time, do. 🙂

  8. why are Hotlines and Madison boycotting? or are they just not going? is it down to the cost of exhibiting?

  9. Agree with banjowhacker regarding Mark’s advert/comments.

    Been a few times and never again. Not worth the money.

    And Mark, your “Internet, armchair cyclists need not apply” comment – that will be a fair amount of people at the show, maybe including yourself? I’ll be out riding.

    Maybe if I was a Premier STW member it would suddenly turn into an amazing, awesome event…

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