Interbike 2010: Tracy Moseley’s Worlds Bike

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We’re just off to the first indoor day of the Interbike show, but before we do, here’s a quick peek at Tracy Moseley’s World Championship winning bike, the Trek Session.

That's a whole lot of potential speed sitting there. Trek World Racing paint job is a bit love or hate, but we reckon it works on this bike.

Tracy runs a pretty stock Saint shifting and brake setup. Those red hubs are special though.

Trek World Racing hubs add a nice splash of colour. Wonder who makes them?

Having your name on your top tube is useful if you bang your head and forget who you are

Rubber grommet on the right of the picture surrounds a bolt that goes through the frame and protects it from the stanchions smacking top/downtube junction.

Bonty rims (with 'TM' marking for 'Tracy Moseley') and (nicely scuffed) Maxxis High Rollers.

Hope Hoop wheels with special red hubs. That's who makes them.

FUNN bar and stem combo. Fox 40 forks.

Team edition SDG I-Beam saddle and post, with authentic dust.

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  1. Paint job is quite Rocky Mountain Blizzard, isn’t it?

  2. I personally love that paint job. Nice. Can I have a Fuel EX in it please?

  3. A telling amount of non-Bonty stuff on there…

  4. Great now lets see some of the interesting stuff that the rest of us would ride/use

  5. Great good – see something a bit different from the usual A.M. bikes – A UK ridden winning DH bike!

  6. i wonder if they actually are bontrager rims then…

  7. Non oversized bars 🙂

  8. Paint job is fine, it is missing some World Champion bands though.

    She should throw a strop until they are added;-)

  9. @jonathan: Rocky uses maple leaves. This is a houndstooth pattern, the same one Trek World Racing has used for a few seasons now.

    @1961Bikie: Not on an EX, but yes on a Top Fuel!

    @1969pedalpusher: The non-Bonty stuff is there because the team is sponsored by Maxxis, Funn, and SDG. Tracy is sponsored by Hope.

    @pjt201: Yes, they are actually Bonty rims

    @Blackhound: This is the actual bike she rode in the race. Her new frame absolutely has stripes on it.

    FYI, anyone wishing to get a free Tracy poster can follow this link:

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