Interbike 2010: Showers, Eddie, Oakley, Saddles and metre wide bars

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Looks ace for wheelies...
Those Turner fans who asked about the Flux and the 5Spot, fear not! The 4in Flux continues on, mostly unchanged. The 5Spot gains a bigger tapered-friendly head tube, uppy-downy post bosses and a slacker 67.7° head angle.
We liked the cut of the jib of the Aussie guy from Thrones. He'd flown in the day before from Australia, having been home for a couple of days after Eurobike. And he's called Troy... Nice saddles too.
Very road and 'cross inspired, but anything that proclaims to be 'For your royal arse' can't be bad.
Evel saddle for your Evil perhaps?


Does that bar look particularly wide? It's a metre (1000mm) wide! Syncros made it as a joke, but have had a fair number of young downhillers asking when it was coming out. They all then appeared to say 'I'd probably cut it down though'
Not to be used anywhere you need to get between trees...
This is the new Syncros FRIC (Free Ride Intelligent Clamp) stem. It's cold-forged and has a very smooth, knee-saving design, as well as a very bar-hugging 260 degree clamp. It weighs 123g and will come in 45mm and 60mm lengths (and in black too)
Plastic time pedals. Sorry, 'composite'.
As loved by many journos at Singletrack
This appears to be a composite caged pedal in the style of the Shimano downhill clipless pedal. We'll endeavour to get a pair in.
The Time 'All Road Gripper' pedal. Not as exciting as it sounds though as it's a commuting 'one side clip-in, other side flat' pedal. Nice colours though.
It's a good job Jo Burt isn't here. He'd go bonkers with lust
Velocity rims would like to thank fixie hipsters everywhere...
Surely it's 'peloton' and not 'peleton'?
Hydrapak had a 'pump up the bladder' competition
New colours and trim for Hydrapak
When pack designers live somewhere dry...
Oakley was showing how much potential clashing you can build into its jawbone sunglasses
Blinded by choice at Oakley
Gravity is another firm that's doing headsets in nearly all combinations.
Limited edition fluoro yellow handlebars from Gravity. Let's hope very limited.
Another show and another appearance by the Cannibal. Perhaps he's stalking Chipps
It seems that America hasn't discovered the joys of the Belgian waffle, so Honey Stinger is individually wrapping them for trailside enjoyment.
Put down some spider-tread - that'll confuse them.
Neat (and near waterproof) city riding tweed from Showers Pass.
This is the Showers Pass Elite Mountain jacket. It looks like a US company is finally doing a decent waterproof... Event fabric, reinforced in the right places and sensibly placed pit zips.
The more road-cut Elite Pro jacket - it has a clever 'neck-vent' for instant cooling. Only weighs 250g too
The land of the $9 tuna sandwich. Ouch!

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