Interbike 2010: KS, Crank, Salsa, Knolly and more…

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New Salsa Fargo - new geometry and bits and piece, and an ivory colour.
Fargo gains a replaceable derailleur hanger
Salsa has gone (back) to IS mounts at the rear. Easier to align apparently

A titanium Salsa La Cruz 'cross bike

Yep, that's my name
New Salsa Spearfish. Aimed at being a 24 hour race kind of bike. 80mm rear travel 29er, with 100mm up front.
Seatstays that bend
Short travel rear shock with a short, stiff rear swing link

Need water? Camelbak made sure we didn't run out in the 40degree desert heat
Norco's new trail bike.

That'll be Dan 'Didn't you used to be English?' Barham
Hi Dan, is it sunny? Just before he parched himself

Noel and the team at Knolly have been busy. They have a brand new model, the Chilcotin, and finally have production models of the Endorphin SL that we showed you in prototype last year.

Nice swoopy (tapered) headtube on the Endorphin SL. Nice headbadge too - It's the only bit (apart from the cable bosses) that isn't made in North America.

Lightweight 5in travel bike that should build into a 25lb bike without too much trouble.
There'll be no missing those pedals. Quite why we thought that shooting two identical looking white bikes was a good idea - we'll blame Chipps' melted brain.
It may look the same as the bike above, but the Chilcotin is 6in trail bike. Same Knolly 4x4 system, ISCG05 and full 1.5 head tube. Head angle is adjustable (by moving hte shock) from 66° to 67°
Knolly reckons a light build would be around 28lb. This is more like a 32lb build.
They do come in other colours. We'll show you more when we get inside the show.


Now in pewter.


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    Salsa always look nice.

    Did they say when the bar mount conversion kit for the KS i7 is coming out at all?

    that Salsa looks like its been ridden straight into a wall HARD. and flexible aluminium seatstays? no thanks.

    ohh i-beam headed KS post
    an i7 version would be great, if only it was as easy as merging the last two pics together!

    Liking the look of the Salsa’s more and more.

    Those new egg-beaters look like they will break in seconds…

    the remote bar kit for the i7 is available from SS now.

    The knollys look v nice, were they at all “tippy” 😉

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