Fresh Goods Part 1

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It’s a bumper Fresh Goods this week. We’ve been swamped with shiny kit but we’ll start with Matt’s stack of Clif Bars to keep him going through his upcoming Trans-Provence epic. He’s off this weekend, which is just as well because Jon has developed a taste for the Clif Shot Blocks, which remind him of eating raw jelly cubes as a child. They’re much better for you than that as they don’t contain any gelatine and are packed with electrolytes too. We’ve got Mountain Berry and Orange flavour here – the Orange contains 25mg of caffeine per block for extra speedy madness too..

Price: £35.82 for pack of 18 bars

From: 2pure

He’s also got some protein packed Clif Builder’s Bars to help recovery and promote muscle growth. Each bar contains 20g of non-trans fat organic protein from soy and nuts. Matt will be chewing both Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavours and expects to come back looking (even more) ripped.

Price: £23.99 for 12

From: 2pure

We had a visit from Dickon from importer Jungle Products and his rather excitable spaniel. He had plenty of shiny new things to show us with him including his personal Santa Cruz Carbon Blur LT in a new for 2011 lime green colour. Very nice. There’s 140mm of VPP travel from the full carbon frame and Santa Cruz say it’s one of the strongest and stiffest frames they’ve ever made, despite weighing only 5.67ish lbs with shock.

Price: £2,499

From: Jungle Products

Shock horror! A 29″ wheeled bike that everyone in the office liked! It’s the Niner Air 9 Carbon and it features a full carbon frame with EBB option for the singlespeed or hub gear niche-ists or inserts for regular threaded or press fit BBs if you want to run some gears. It comes with the rather lovely and distinctive Niner Carbon Forks although you can run 80 or 100mm bouncy forks in the tapered headtube if you’re not into the whole rigid thing.

Price: £1,699 frame, £375 fork

From: Jungle Products

..internal cable routing…

..carbon post mount…


..and simple instructions.

If you like your matching accessories thn this will be perfect – it’s a Niner waterbottle made by Sigg in Switzerland from extruded aluminium.

Price: £34.99

From: Jungle Products

Back to Santa Cruz with the brand spanking Santa Cruz Nickel. Using the linkage driven single pivot APP system to give 125mm of rear wheel travel. It’s designed to offer better level of perfomance than a simple single pivot using the linkage to control the spring rate through the travel while offering a much more attainable price due to simpler manufacturing processes and more affordable materials than the top of the range VPP bikes. Anyway, the Nickel looks just right, with a long top tube, low BB and sensible 68 degree head angle on the tapered headtube. We’ll be getting one in to test for Issue 61 so keep your eyes peeled for that..

Price: £1,299

From: Jungle Products

..the APP linkage…

Finally Dickon left us a fatty stack of Syncros finishing kit. Here’s a pair of lightweight Syncros FL stems in 80 and 110mm flavours. You can get them in black of white and they have a +/- 6 degree rise or drop and noone will ever know which way is up thanks to the flip flop logos. The FL range is made for XC/marathon duties so Jon has snaffled the 80mm to go on his long term testbed Ghost AMR Lector.

Price: £59.99

From: Jungle Products

To go with the stems, we have some 660mm wide Syncros FL bars. Made from double butted 7075 alloy the claimed weight is 240g and they have a 25mm rise with 5 degree sweep.

Price: £54.99

From: Jungle Products

Despite being short, Jon felt those were a bit narrow to compete with the wide bar fetishists in the office so instead a pair of DH/freeride Syncros FR31 bars will be going on the Ghost. As the name suggest they are 31″ wide (that’s 790mm in new money) and still weigh only 315g. They are 20mm rise and have a 9 degree sweep. How long before he breaks his fingers on a tree?

Price: £44.99

Jon is also going to using this Syncros FL Post. It’s been redesigned as a once piece post to improve strength rather than having a bonded head.There is a 3mm offset but cunningly the lower rail mount can be flipped around to provide extra support if you want to run you saddle further forwards or backwards. They are avilable in 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and a 400mm length.

Price: £59.99

From: Jungle Products

Here we have a Syncros  AM Hardcore headset in a tapered 1.125 to 1.5 flavour, although regular 1.125 and 1.5 non tapered versions are available. It uses 6061 cups and has sealed cartridge bearings for AM/FR/DH use. Like a Model T you can choose any colour as long as it’s black.

Price: £59.99

From: Jungle Products

The Syncros Point’n Chute tyre is a fast rolling dry/moderate conditions tyre that we reckon will be ideal for fast rolling trail centre action with a harder compound centre tread and softer edges. It’s got a Kevlar bead and you can it in a 2.1 or 2.3 size. We’ve got the 2.1 here and it look a decent width too.

Price: £29.99

From: Jungle Products

Finally from Dickon’s box of joy we’ve got the Syncros AM Traverse pedal . It’s a Shimano SPD compatible pedal with resin body for an extra bit of support and protection, adjustable spring tension and each pedal spins on loose ball bearings and a bushing. You can get them in black or grey too.

Price: £44.99

From: Jungle Products

That’s not all for this week though. Fresh Goods Part 2 will be along shortly..

Comments (26)

    oooh the lovliness of the Niner Carbon. Yum.

    I’ll be avoiding the Clif Shot Blocks then. Me and caffeine really don’t get on together.

    That Niner is sweet but I think I prefered last years coloured versions to the white. Is that being picky?

    The niner air is lovely and I like the idea of a rigid one. Not sure I could spend £375 on a fork that didn’t go boing though.

    Mostly Balanced, it also comes in tangerine.

    I think that niner would spank me and leave me feeling dirty and used.
    I want one.

    MB – They do some of the Shot Blocks without caffeine. I don’t like it either – but I love these things.

    I know the lemon/lime and those berry ones are caffeine free as I have a box of each.

    So the Niner logo on the Sigg water bottle adds £20 to the price? Lol.

    Love Clif Shot Blocks for emergency bottom of the pack food. Gets you home when you’re utterly broken.

    When I see that Niner, I just want to turn it into the ultimate blingy commuting bike, it just looks so fast.

    that’s a lot of fruit.

    Syncros stuff looks good, try getting spares though!!

    what a s*** job you guys have.

    i’m with TANG…………….. 🙁

    you can buy a metal water biottle round my way for 5 quid! Is that Sigg bottle price a typo?

    I want that Niner.

    I cannot ever recall another instance of Wrongness looking so Right.

    That niner looks…. desirable

    Ho that Niner carbon is the TITS, thats got to be the best looking bike of the decade, now were is the cheque book

    Erm, fresh goods aside, who’s the saucy lady on the wall?

    the niner is sweet and yes i want one but is it me or the prices on bikes now are getting a little stupid thats a 2k hardtail + whatever kit you put on it

    They are avilable in 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and a 400mm length.


    Yikes… £2k for a hardtail and rigid fork.

    As much as I am enchanted by it’s beauty, I hope the brand owners get bitten hard in the a$$ by the recession.

    I make no apologies for this.

    35 notes for a Sigg bottle. Do you get laid for that? And get change?

    The niner is by far the best looking 29er out there but its dam expensive for a hardtial. I was gonna get one until I worked out the price of a full build and wallet started crying.

    Syncros bars are great but at 31″ they are too wide even for a big guy like myself. Its like riding with bullhorns on the front. Cut um down to 750 and they are sweet as a nut.

    “Erm, fresh goods aside, who’s the saucy lady on the wall?”

    …and what the hell is she wearing? 😮

    whats the protection the Santacruz chap uses on his LTC downtube? I am getting one and am interested in if this is homemade or purchasable(sic)

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