X-Lite Returns!

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X-Lite Returns!

The UK based brand will return this autumn, and is due to be launched at this year’s Eurobike Show in September.

X-Lite will brought back to the market courtesy of Brant Richards and the development team at Shedfire – the driving force behind both the Ragley and Nuke Proof brands.

“We’re working around the brand’s original ethos, producing tidy aftermarket upgrade components, many CNC machined and anodised in several colours. It’ll be mid-to-high-end stuff, with one key product being a rigid full carbon fork available in both 9mm and 15mm thru-axle options.” Brant Richards, Shedfire.

X-Lite will be available in the UK through distribution partners, Hotlines Europe Ltd, who also look after world-wide distribution for both Ragley and Nuke Proof already.

“Hotlines are really looking forward to working with such a great UK brand, with an amazing amount of pioneering UK MTB history behind them. We’ve got the ideal combination of cutting edge design with top notch distribution and customer service, to make the relaunch of X-Lite a big success.” Andy Gowan, Hotlines Europe Ltd Marketing Manager.

“With the exponential growth of Muc-Off over the last 5 years Marilyn, Emma and I decided there wasn’t either the time or focus available to carry on growing the X-Lite brand. With the ongoing opportunities ahead for Muc-Off we decided to seek a suitable company that would not only take the X-Lite brand forward but would also respect the X-Lite brand, heritage and design aesthetic. When we discussed this opportunity with Hotlines & Shedfire, we knew that their team would not only understand X-Lite’s past, but their team would also have the energy, passion and technical knowledge to drive its future innovation to ensure the ongoing success of X-Lite Components.

2011 is the re-launch of X-LITE and I have had a sneak preview of the new designs and all I can say is that I’m very excited! I am personally looking forward to working closely with the Hotlines team to assist in the ongoing development.” Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off.

X-Lite will also be on show alongside many other Hotlines brands, at the Hotlines London Show, 6th – 10th October. This event will be open to dealers 6th – 8th October, and open to the public on the 9th and 10th of October.

For more information, please contact the Hotlines sales office:

Hotlines UK – 0131 319 14 44 – sales@hotlines-uk.com


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Comments (22)

    I presume X-Lite’s proud ‘designed in Britain, made in Britain’ heritage will continue. You could always tell that X-Lite products were individual and weren’t just picked from a Taiwanese parts catalogue.

    Unlike some other brands which, say for example, when it comes to making pedals just stick their logo on a Wellgo model.

    x-lite anodised bits were the first choice to pimp my ride way back in the 90s

    Isnt it another Brant’brand?

    No, Brant is just a puppet in CRC inexorable move towards world domination.

    cool. purple anodised bar ends that bend are back!

    From Twitter:

    “shedfire RT @pro_elbows: Press release just in – X-Lite now owned by Hotlines, new products on way designed by that @shedfire chap”

    Fingers crossed they do the brand justice.

    I’m still using purple x-lite skewers.

    And quick release seatclamps that don’t !

    (That’s don’t quick release and don’t clamp very well either)

    Yes, will be interesting to see if it’s UK manufactured or just re-branding of stock Asian parts catalogue items like many Nukeproof items are.

    Bit like the X-lite self extracting crank bolts, that were only good for extracting themselves from the crank arms as they stripped their thread due to being made from cheese like aluminium. Bar ends were good though. Haven’t Hope taken over the market for annodised trinkets? They seem to have better quality standards than x-lite ever did.

    I have relied on X-Lite products for many years and rate their Q/R’es as the best, as with their bars. Good to see them returning but only if they keep to their “ethos” ie made in the UK! I would like to see an after market ‘maxle’, surely they could produce… Would they expand to carbon products..?

    I bought my X-Lite self extractor bolts in 98. Still in use on my square taper LX cranks that were first used on a geared Cannondale HT and have now been on my SS since 2006. No problems here. But then I only take the cranks off when needed and use copperslip on all the parts of the self extractors. Never had any problems with 2 sets of X-Lite bar ends and seat post.

    These may well be manufactured in the far east but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a parts catalogue pick with re-branding. Who in the far east was building frames with Ragley geometry until Brant designed it?

    Weren’t Chickensticks near enough the same as Tektro brakes but IIRC with a couple of holes drilled in them?

    Ah Chickensticks! My dad had them on his SE1000 ‘dale when it got stolen a year or two ago. I’d love a return to that minimal 90s machined look.

    This is interesting news. I enjoyed my purple anodise x lite stuff on my orange and white Orange clockwork many years ago!

    I rember being very jelous of my dads x-lite bling on his zaskar!!!

    Hmm X Lite always seemed a bit hit ‘n miss.
    Got one of their first seatposts back in about 1994? Bent it three twice, gave up with it in the end.
    Bars generally ok, although bonding went on one of them.
    If they can sort the quality control and durability (and prices) then good luck to them.

    afaik it’s all going to be taiwan made, though designed in the uk. excited about it!

    i still have a red anno x-fly stem 🙂

    I still have some pink anodised bar ends (they were once red). They went nicely with a Ringle bottle cage and USE seatpost.

    I’m all for people designing in british sheds, I just wish we could make stuff in them too.

    Yesterday’s post about Hammoon Cycles gave me some hope though. (accidental pun but I like it).

    To be made in the UK only requires “finishing” or “constructing” in the UK. Easy when you need to screw bolts onto stems/seatpost/qrs :O)

    I am an X-Lite fan but there was little (if any) manufacturing done in Dorset. The Fly stems still look ace now though.

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