New Series! Be A Better Rider..

by singletrackjon 30

There are two ways to get better on your bike. The first one involves spending lots and lots of time riding a bike and also includes a good amount of falling off and hurting yourself. The other option requires someone who’s done all the time consuming riding and falling off stuff before and is willing to share their hard earned knowledge with you. Guess which one is easier?

In this new video series, we get the great and the good of mountain biking to tell you just one thing that will improve your riding. From simple setup to skills tips, there are all sorts of ways to improve the way you ride and in turn have more fun and get more satisfaction when you’re out turning the pedals.

In the first video of the series, Ed Oxley of Great Rock bursts from the bushes to tell you why you really need to keep your chin up…

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  1. How good is that! …like it a lot πŸ™‚

    more please

  2. Awesome beard. Ed should be on a singlespeed. With a pipe.

    Great video, very concise and great comparisons. Tip-top.

  3. like it – a truly lovely bloke too.

  4. Ed have you bleached the tash!!!!!!

  5. Good idea, long may it continue! Hmm when im less skint i might book a session with Ed.

  6. Simple but brilliant! Am especially looking forward to my skills day with Ed this Friday now.

  7. Excellent stuff, but Physicalises !!

  8. Great biking beard, but you should also ride with a pipe clamped in your trap at all times and speak out of the side in plummy tones.

    As for learning new bike skills, I’m mortified by the idea. Dontchaknow this isn’t “M. B. R”, it’s Singletrackworld, mediocrity is all we have!

    [returns to his sloe-gin bottle]

  9. After my day with Jedi the looking ahead thing is the one I still struggle with most, but you can really feel the difference when you do it properly.

  10. Ed Oxley = Awesome.

  11. As with Rickos….. the looking ahead is not easy when you are used to looking directly in front.
    Went on the Flow course with Ed last weekend and have been out riding 3 times since, I am trying to put into practice a lot the things he taught us some are already working others will need a lot of practicing (Like looking ahead).
    One thing I am absolutly sure about is that Ed is a Fantastic instructor with Massive amounts of Riding Knowledge waiting to be shared with people.
    ‘SteelyDan’ I can guarantee you will have a great time.

  12. nice one Ed, get them outside foots down πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ more please!

  13. Nice bike there Ed, everyone who rides one of those is a great rider!

  14. Great stuff, more of this please. (love the ‘out of the undergrowth’ into BTW:) )

  15. er…that should read intro (doh!!)

  16. “keep your big fluffy beard up!” would be more fitting πŸ™‚

  17. Nice one footstomper.

    I take it he illustrates all his clever ideas with amusing sketches, like climbing out of a hedge to remind us to look ahead? I’ll be very disappointed if not.

  18. Good video. I will certainly be ‘keeping my chin up’ from now on. This guarantees i will be able to fearlessly and skillfully ride anything at speed now?

  19. Santa Claus doing riding tips…how cool.

  20. Great! Keep em’ coming Ed!

  21. That whole ‘looking ahead thing’ seems harder, as lately I seem to be looking down in front of the wheel! I need to break the habit as my flow in riding seems to be suffering…

  22. I just hope the next one is about terrain scanning πŸ˜€

  23. mandog – It’s an Intense Slopestyle with Marzochhi 55 RC3 Ti fork.

  24. top fella and the courses are great.

    im trying to practice keeping my chin up by doing night rides and pointing the light up further where i know i should be looking at the trail rather than where i normally do

    that way i cant not look forward as i cant see owt in right front of me πŸ˜‰

    dunno if it will work but it seems to be helping lol

  25. Due to the beard I can’t tell if Ed has his chin up or not. Does the vast amount of facial hair force you to keep your chin up?

  26. Excellent. Look forward to the next one.

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