Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 11

Welcome to the middle of the week. It’s not as good as the end of the week but you don’t really have much choice in the matter now do you.

You might remember MC SpandX, he did some some sweet rapping about his love of road biking. Anyway, he’s had a change of heart and he’s rapping about mountainbikes now. Nice to see the Gee Atherton school of cap wearing is gaining momentum.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of over the bars action. Here’s a nice little video from the 2008 Yak Attack with Matt Hart showing us his step-riding technique.

We’re not quite sure what sort of heavy duty drugs are going around the Magura Test Labs, but we have a feeling it might be something to do with horse tranquilizers…

This is blatant viral marketing but it still made us laugh.

Snapper Marco Toniolo send us this lovely looking edit of a day in San Moritz, Switzerland..

Time for something educational. Mojo Suspension are practically giving money away by telling you how to service your Fox forks on your own. Here’s how to do the all important wiper seal service.

Benji, Matt, Jon and Sim are off to Finale Ligura for Benji’s stag do. They’re going to ride bikes and swim in the sea for a few days. We just wanted you to know that. Here’s some video from the 24 Hours of Finale just so you know what you’re missing. Thanks to Paddy for the link.

That’s all for this week. Big thanks to everyone who sent in a video, we love you lots. If you’ve seen or made anything you think deserves to go up here, send a linky to jon@singletrackworld.com..

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  1. Wow – you’ve outdone yourself this week Jon. Fantastic selection.
    That 24 Hours of Finale looks incredible!

  2. Interesting St. Moritz video, I wonder if it was filmed 19/20/21 June?

    Me and mates were supposed to be there camping and biking that weekend, but there was a ton of snow forecast so we called off. A few days before it as 30C, then for that weekend temps dropped to a high of 5C and being big jessie’s, we didn’t want to get stuck up unfamiliar mountains in a blizzard. Was a really hard call!

    Nice selection of vids, top work STW fellas.


  3. I’ve raced at Finale and it was great! Wonderful atmosphere, short (7km) course that was hard, hot and dusty, an ’80s disco live band at the handover and great, free, food for racers for 24 hours… I’ll be back!

  4. where can you get a T shaped 10mm socket tool?

  5. “where can you get a T shaped 10mm socket tool?” I got mine off ebay

  6. please, put also text links to vimeo videos next time, so iphone and ipad users can watch them… thanks

  7. I second what Chipps said. Great race, great atmosphere (fast guys who want to pass are actually polite about it), the course is just amazing and has been lengthened to about 10km this year. Although the music wasn’t as good this year I reckon, it had a Lord of the Rings theme, so they had celtic music. Wasn’t happy when my team mate had a mechanical and i had to stand in the change over area for 20 minutes listening to bagpipes…

  8. But on the plus side the prizes were given out by a druid and they had a polystyrene Stonehenge! Top event, I can’t believe us and Singular Sam were the only Brits there. Loads of bonkers techy riding nearby too, all ending up at the beach for ice cream and cafe corretto. I think the STW boys will enjoy.

  9. and Sam isn’t even a Brit!

    I don’t think there’s any way they can’t enjoy riding round there.

  10. this looks fantastic, and even more so as I live in Chamonix which is 3 1/2 hrs drive away. We had a family weekend in Finale in May and saw heaps of bikers (and had a brilliant time), so this event could be just the excuse I am looking for to justify a boys trip next summer! Many thx STW!

  11. LOVE the 24hr vid. excellent.

    Also appreciate the bottoms in the “dirty” vid too 🙂

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