Marin Dusk Til Dawn X!

by Chipps 13

Get your lights on charge and get ready to race one of the most fun and popular singletrack courses in the country –

The event is on October 2/3rd and has moved to High Lodge visitors centre in Thetford for the 10th running of the original 12hr night event

This new venue will give a dedicated arena in front of the visitor centre that will be open all night to provide food, bike shop, bike wash, proper loo’s, water, along with these features there is GO APE and children’s play area, massive camping area

The organisers are promising a fantastic 10 mile course sorted for this 10th anniversary of the Marin D2D and new light sponsor USE Exposure who will be providing great prizes, along with the other sponsors of the event. Many trade stands will be attending to make this the most popular 12hr night event of the year and it’s also the event that traditionally brings the summer endurance events to a close.

There are only have a few SOLO male entries left but other cats are still open, So don’t delay and get your entry in for this fantastic event, there’s also a FREE T-shirt for all entrants celebrating 10 years of D2D.

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  1. First timer here is ENTERED.

  2. first timer?! WTF have you been doing? 🙂

  3. See you there Dave…
    I love racing D2D – even though I ALWAYS blow up about 5am and start going a bit bonkers. And the drive home is the longest in the world. My new strategy is to go back to bed after prizegiving and resurface about noon for the drive north, stopping at all the diners on the A1 on the way back for coffee and curly fries.

  4. go back to bed after prizegiving and resurface about noon for the drive

    can we make that compulsory, please?

  5. …I never had enough batteries to do it before. And I still haven’t.

  6. I’m coming, as long as it doesn’t rain…

  7. We’ll be there to call people Dave!

    Or we may even race again. 🙂

  8. I’ve ridden the course and it is a good ride. Something there for everyone. Plenty of passing places for the faster guys.
    Been trying to get on a team but they all seem to want to get on the podium and aren’t interested in just taking part!

  9. I’ll be there doing my first solo enduro. Should be fun (maybe). Will be riding the same bike I have raced DH this year too so we’ll see how that pans out.

    Looking forward to it though

  10. Last year I was kindly driven home – the sleep, then drive idea is a very good one! Trying to resist doing it again. It’s such a great event, but I think I did about as well as I ever will last year so might stay home and have a lie-in instead :^)

  11. Get entered Deano you pussy

  12. As of the 27/08/2010 there are 100 places left in the team events and 4 solo slots left so these need to be snapped up before September 3rd when registration for the 2010 Marin Dusk til Dawn will close

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