Video: Dudes of Hazzard

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We were going to save this for our regular Midweek Movies spot, but it’s so good we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer. In what is probably the most entertaining edit we’ve seen all year, World Cup racer Joe Barnes and the Dudes of Hazzard look to a higher power for some trail building guidance. We didn’t realise Jesus felt so strongly about trail centres.

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    Nice pic of Joe – Ian Mclennan took that I believe ? Fast becoming a classic !

    Weeman was always a star.

    That is epic banter. Love it. Weeman, you are a winner.


    This reminds me of those daft MBUK vids featuring ‘The Lemming’ and others.

    if Allah wills it, then let his will be RAD to a niche of AM core on a sunny day in a place of angels without doom looking over his shoulder and Shiva fast asleep on a bed of Ti springs and no one has a pinch flat because Gaia preordained it that that be the will, and yes, the raddish amongst the earth agreed as one. praise be

    (I meant that in a good way)

    thats probably the most important mountain biking film since rad conkers vol.4

    its teh scripture sirs!

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