Singletrack Issue 59

by singletrackjon 18

It’s been done! Expect to receive it through the post or see it in the shops from the 22nd – that’s next Thursday. Here’s a quick look at the covers…

The clean cover for subscribers. Photo by Dan Barham.
The non-subscriber cover.

…never mind the cover, here’s the contents.

Contents shot by Chipps


9. Editorial

Chipps muses that riding bikes is about a lot more than just riding bikes.

10. The Joy of Riding

Singletrack goes to Spain to balance springtime weather with photoshoots and injury. Just a normal day in the office.

18. Full Service

How to ride out the back of Tebay Services in Cumbria, right into the Lakeland hills.

24. Interview: Stu Thomson of MTBCut

A pioneering exponent of online race and trail videos talks to us.

30. Column: The price we pay

Geoff Johnson thought he was a riding god. Until he broke himself. Fortunately he’s philosophical about it.

33. Bike Test: Big up front

Three bikes with 5in forks and 4in suspension from Intense, Lapierre and Pace.

42. Column: Fun on the beater bike

Steve Bladon has more fun than he expects when forced to ride his old ‘beater’ bike.

46. Competition: Win a Saracen Zen3 worth £1300

Win Saracen’s top-end hardcore hardtail

50. Through the Grinder

Ten pages of real-world products reviewed after months of real-world riding.

64. Blame the Dog: Mike Ferrentino

Mike looks at his list of excuses for not riding enough. And burns them.

66. Mojo Trail Diaries in Scotland

Top bike racers take on ‘normal’ mountain trails with impressive results.

74. S24o – A Sub 24 Overnight Summer

Aaron Teasdale takes his young sons on a succession of overnight camping rides into the Montana wilderness.

83. Grouptest: Workstands

Eight workstands for the home, race paddock and bike shop reviewed.

92. Singletrack Classic Weekender

Catch up on all the fun you missed from the summer’s most all-encompassing bike event!

96. Diagonal Everest

Riding offroad across the north of Wales, climbing the height of Everest on the way.

102. Access All Areas – Part Deux

Dave Anderson continues the open discussion about trail access and whether riding on footpaths is naughty.

106. Mini-Test: Kneepads

Six knee and knee/shin pads tested scientifically. Which one of them protects you more?

110. Fitness with Matt Hart

More reader questions answered by our resident training and fitness guru.

114. Route Guide: The Cheviot Hills

A little bit of magic tucked up in the top right corner of England.

126. Premier Listing

Listings of all the bike shops who give discounts to Singletrack Subscribers

127. Outro

The usual random nonsense

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  1. I’ve heard the route guide was an exceptional rider and handsome to boot.

  2. Not what we heard.. 😉

  3. When can I download.

  4. Well my Mam said he is.

  5. Have we had that contents shot before? or just the same sort of fire damage somewhere else. Still stunning thou.
    Nice to get a beard back on the cover, two issues without i was getting scared

  6. there was a beard on last months cover, she just bleached it 😉

  7. Download version will be up on Wednesday

  8. We’ve not had that contents shot before – I only shot it a fortnight ago. We might have had a similar Idaho burnt trees shot though.

  9. Yeah it’s like the pic found on page 21 ‘The Moment’ in Issue 37.
    So, do I get a prize? 🙂

  10. I think its a lovely contents shot. Can I get a prize, too?

  11. is that Dennis the Menace on the cover? surely a “hooligan HT” is more suitable 🙂

  12. Where was the cover shot taken? Looks very similar to some photos I have of our trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains with Ciclo Montana…

  13. SusieG- I would agree, looks very familiar.

  14. Hello! I took the shot in the mountains just outside of Lima, Peru. So close to the Sierra Nevadas, err, globally speaking.

  15. Handsome route guide? Dave?

  16. What are the 3 test bikes then? I know it says Intense, Pace and The Peter, but which models?

  17. once again, horrific graphics on the shop cover. Just because you have to put them on there doesn’t mean they have to look that bad.

  18. Interesting review of knee pads but given the acknowledged popularity of the Kyle Straits, it would have been nice to see their kN rating. Any chance of getting that done and at least posting it here?

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