Premier: Tom’s Spanish Crash

by singletrackjon 6

Some of you might remember that our Master of the Web Tom dB broke himself while we were on our trip to Spain with Joyriders for Issue 59. Well, the cameras were rolling throughout, so exclusively for all our Premier users, here’s a heartwarming tale of misadventure and courage under fire told through the medium of video. It’s a bit like the end scene of Platoon. Don’t worry if you’re a squeamish voyeur, there’s no blood or unpleasantness. Enjoy…

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Comments (6)

  1. Get well soon Tom.

    I had exactly the same injury and 3 castellated bolts to hold it all together (which they took out after abotu 2 years)

    Get lots of physio early on and, realistically, give your self 3 months to be on anything more arduous than a turbo trainer 🙁

    no need for me to say mtfu though! I had to have a 4×4 trip to an ambulance, not a walk.

  2. Thanks. I’ve stripped all my bikes down for fine cleaning – then I can’t be tempted to go on out on any of them. I’m allowed to turbo train now – I’ll be starting that in the next few weeks.

    The video makes it look spectacularly unspectacular 🙁

  3. Toms Gfriend works with mine, so had a quite regular update.

    Wont be riding for a while, but learning the Geeetar! Go on Tom, strum them chords 🙂

    Get well soon

  4. “The video makes it look spectacularly unspectacular”

    True, maybe you should have speeded the video up 😉

    Good to hear you’re on the turbo, look forward to seeing you doing some “proper” riding in a few months.

  5. Yeah look forward to having you out again soon Tom

  6. Tom, you really are “hard as nails” – all the best with the healing process and getting back on the bike.

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