New MINI TransWales launched

by singletrackjon 6

Interesting news in from Mike for anyone keen to do the epic Celtic-crossing TransWales race on the 14th-21st of August but lacking in time or money…

Over the last few weeks we have had quite a few requests by riders to open a shorter option of the TransWales and as we have some places available we would like to announce the MINI TransWales 2010 which will run within in 7 day TransWales.

So for everybody who can’t find the time for a full 7 day stage event or is watching the pennies here the 3 or 4 day version of the only UK mountain bike stage event.

How does the MINI TransWales work:
The MINI TransWales can be ridden over two durations. You can either join the event from the 14th to the 18th August or from the 18th to the 21st August. You will ride the same trails/courses as everybody else and get the same treatment with regards to event holdall, finishing jersey, food, camping, facilities only difference being is that you are only riding for 3 or 4 days. The available categories are the same as for the 7 day event and riders can enter as pairs or solos. We obviously make sure that we take you back to your car when your riding days are over.

How much does the MINI TransWales cost?

The MINI TransWales will be available in the same packages as you will find on the 7 day event.
14th – 18th August 2010 (starting from Builth Wells)
(4 days riding with approx. 300km with approx. 9,500m of climbing and 3 special stages)
Bronze (including transfer back to your car): £ 215
Silver (including transfer back to your car): £ 275
Gold (including transfer back to your car): £ 330

18th – 21st August 2010 (starting from Cymystwyth – approx. 12km North West of Rhayader)
(3 days riding with approx. 215km with approx. 5,500m of climbing and 2 special stages)
Bronze (including transfer back to your car): £ 160
Silver (including transfer back to your car): £ 200
Gold (including transfer back to your car): £ 245

How to enter the MINI TransWales:
Simply go to our entry page HERE, download an entry form, fill it in and send it with your cheque to the address on the form. Please cross which package you would like to enter and put the date of when you want to start your rider next to your package selection. Please make sure that you put your entry into the post as soon as possible as there are only limited spaces available.

Entries for 7 day event:
However if you are still thinking of getting involved but you rather do the full 7 days (14-21st August 2010) then don’t worry – we still have all categories available. So if you are still looking for a suitable partner or need to make sure that you can get the time off – don’t worry you can still get in.

More Ladies please – lots of prizes to be won:
We are looking in particular for more ladies teams to take part in the BUFF Open Female pairs category. It would be great to get some more teams into that one so that the category is more competitive. So maybe try to talk your female riding buddies into giving it a go. There is an over all prize fund of more than £ 10,000 in Gore Bike Wear, Exposure Lights products and cash to be won in the TransWales – so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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  1. So now the jersey you get for completing the country’s toughest 7 day race will be available to anyone who wants to potter round for three days?

  2. Oh dear vdubber67 – is that all you can say? What about this beaing a taster for the 7 days?

  3. Sounds lovely. Have a ‘taster’ jersey when you finish then. Maybe just the sleeves or something.

    Sorry, I worked hard to earn my finishers jersey in 2008, and I’ve no doubt I’ll have to work hard to get it this year too.

    Not so sure whether it’s a ‘taster’ for the seven days, or an attempt to hoover up the people (cash) who were going to do the Black Mountains event and have found it cancelled?

    Sorry. Not sure why I’m so grumpy today. 🙂

  4. would have loved to have done the 7 day event as I have completed the TransRockies last year, but due to it being summer holidays and staff shortages at work , couldnt get the time off so I can only ride the last 3 days.I surely wont be pottering around just to get a jersey!! Its the riding a want to do boyo

  5. Does this mean their numbers are down? I would probably survive/enjoy a 3 day one but it’s too short notice now ;-(

  6. Numbers are good. But Mike had a Eureka moment and decided it would be a great way to give people a taster of the whole event.
    It’ll still be a tought challenge and will also allow other people with commitments to come along.

    Think it’s a great idea and will bring some fresh legs along to wind us all up.

    Looking forward to the final saturday already- hopefully in better shape than last year.

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