Mojo Trail Diaries: Episode Two, Part Two.

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In the second part of the Scottish episode of the Mojo Trail Diaries from MTBCut, the crew head up into the wilds of Kinlochleven for some good old fashioned pinning on loose and rocky natural trails. Check it out below…

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  1. Cut the first 4 minutes. Too much talk, not enough riding!

  2. they got 2 poor sherpas to hump all their stuff

  3. any one got a map of the trail?

  4. (i think), take the tarmac lane up to Mamore Lodge, turn right and keep climbing on the gravelly land rover track. If you get as far as big Loch Eilde Mor (on your right) then you are too far so go back a bit. Look for a trail that crosses over the stream and then contours and heads down toward Kinlochleven. It’s fairly narrow, stony and has water bars. It gets steep when it enters the woods lower down. I recall you come out on some nature walks near a waterfall close to the village. I walked several bits, but them I’m southern softy

    It might be a completely different trail tho!

  5. gnarly… looks quite technical with those loose rocks !

  6. Must work on my “magic flick”.

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