Friday’s Final Video

by Matt Letch 7

Feeling old and past it? – Do you make Dad noises when you get out of a chair? Do you find your laces harder to reach these days.

Matt Hoffman isn’t letting anything stop him.

Go and Ride this weekend!

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  1. 20 years ago I remember thinking what a legend he was and wondering if he could keep riding another couple of years with all the physical knocks he was taking!
    Can’t say Knoxville has ever done anything for me though.

  2. He found my keys when I misplaced them………not really.

  3. “In order to make the impossible possible, you must be awesome!”

  4. shifty spanner useage fail

  5. Matt Hoffman is a completely amazing athlete. Highly recommend ‘the ride of my life’ his autobiography. its inspirational stuff. Its odd that someone who is arguably one of the greatest ‘extreme sport’ ists of all time comes across such a normal decent chap and not in the least “wooooooooo like dudeeeeeeeeeeee totaly gnarly” etc.

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