[UPDATED] Orange Bikes Burgled

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Bad news from Halifax, keep ’em peeled people.
“After the traumas of the weekend, the factory is almost back to normal, the doors are back on, the mess is cleared up and the orders are starting to go through the workshop again.

None of the full suspension bikes were affected and if you’ve got anything special on order, it will still be sat on the racks. 24 hardtails were stolen in total, all boxed and without forks, so if you see anything let us know.

The stolen list:
7 x 15 Inch – Diva Hardtails Radiant Blue
4 x 17 inch – Diva Hardtails Radiant Blue
6 x 17 G3 – Grey/red stripe graphic
2 x 19 inch G3 – Chrome Grey/red stripe graphic
4 x2 21 inch G3 – Chrome Grey/red stripe graphic
If you go to our web site you can see what the new Diva and G3 look like.

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee the frame numbers on the missing bikes just now, but if anything suspicious comes your way please call us with the details on 01422 311113.

A boxed MacBook Pro and keyboard were also stolen.

For those with orders pending, thank you for your patience, it is much appreciated”

“Not a good start to the week, a bunch of thieving ***** decided to pay the factory a visit over the weekend and steal a load of bikes/parts. In doing so they cut our phone lines which means we now have no telephones or email. We still don’t know what is missing which means there may be delays on bikes being assembled and despatched. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we get phone lines/internet access.

We will post a list of bikes/serial numbers once we find out what has gone, some are prototypes (we don’t have many built bikes) and there may be a couple of pre production 2011 hardtails we were meant to be photoshooting this week.

Obviously not too clever thieves as we had a number of 2011 G3’s and Diva’s part assembled and boxed but waiting for our delivery of 2011 Rock Shox forks to arrive so they nicked what they think are complete bikes but aren’t. If you get offered a unicycle Orange you’ve found the thief.”

Got any info? Been offered something suspect? Had someone wanting to buy 70 pairs of forks? Drop us a line at editorial@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pass the message on when internet is restored to the Orange factory.

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