Black Mountains 3 Day Event – Update

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News in from organisers The Bearded Man:

After last week’s post and excellent comments we now feel that we have a better idea of what people desire in order for them to sign up.

With your comments in mind we propose to implement the following offers and changes.

For those that were concerned about the cost of the event, the cost was calculated based on expenses such as insurance, caterers, tents, cost of locations, cost of access to the areas we were riding etc and therefore we deemed it and so did a number of other riders more than reasonable for the kind of event we are promoting… We have however decided that as a first year event we need to convince people that the event will be well organised and enjoyable and the only way to do that is to get more of you there so for 2010 the entry fee will be reduced from £220 to £150. This has been made possible by ourselves investing our own money in subsidising entries as an act of faith that this will be a success and the event will run again next year.

Another point raised was number of days and time off… we are introducing a 2 day package for those who cannot get time off work, Saturday and Sundays stages in a fully supported package for £100, again this amount is subsidised. Valid points about school holidays and kids so we guessed as you have your kids EVERY weekend of the year regardless of school holidays then this may sway some people to enter. We will be shuttling riders and bikes from Glanusk on the Friday evening so that everyone has their vehicle at the finish and there is no logistical problem.

Finally the distance of the event, a number of people have emailed us concerned about the distances involved and making cut off points, we would rather every ride finish every day.. although some will be quicker than others we want everyone to come away with a sense of achievement so we are to reduce the overall event distance by approximately 40km. This does not mean the event becomes dramatically easier it just means it will allow more people to finish and those wanting a bigger challenge can just ride faster.

We have seen an increase in sign ups and we hope these changes will see the event go ahead – it’s all in your hands now…

If this has piqued your interest, then head over to to get more information or enter.

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  1. Gonna be good – Team Singular is in!

  2. would love to do this…next year I reckon…….

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