Video: Fox Testing

by Chipps 8

A quick video of the previously-unseen Fox Racing Shox testing lab, including a recreation of one of Justin Leov’s World Cup downhill runs that Fox engineers datalogged so that they can recreate race conditions, much like Formula One engineers can recreate particular race tracks.

[stvideo src=”2010/05/FoxTesting.m4v”]

Check out the big hit at 03.53…

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  1. the musics too loud, cant hear a word chipps is saying.

  2. You didn’t leave iTunes running in the background, did you? 😉
    I’ll speak up next time though…

  3. Great video.

    That heavy hit seems to be recreating a jump and heavy landing. I wonder, can they measure this from an actual run (monitoring and storing the fork speed and compression whilst riding a section) and then load that recorded ‘terrain’ into the machine? Or do they just turn the dial to “random brutality”?

    The amount of fore and aft play in that first bit of footage is terrifying. It’s amazing anything survives that. All credit to the fork manufacturers. We take it all so for granted.

  4. That Fox 40 run is the recreation of an actual World Cup run, as measured on Leov’s bike, with the terrain being ‘played back’ through the fork back in the lab.

  5. Great stuff. I love ‘behind the scenes’ stuff like this – gives the RRP whingers something to think about when we all get to see the amount of tech involved.

  6. Could you speak up a bit I appear to have gone deaf.

  7. love it, we need more stuff like this please 🙂

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