New 2010 Transition Double Has Arrived

by Ben Haworth 20

Is this the most desirable bike on the planet right now (or just in the Singletrack Office)…?

Kevin from Transition Bikes: “For the new Double we added some features in our quest to create the cleanest most solid short travel full suspension bike on the market. Our custom formed tubset designed specifically for our tapered headtube creates an extremely strong and beautiful junction. Combined with internal tube gusseting, the profile of the Double is about flowing clean lines. The design goal was all about smooth edges. There is no pocketing of CNC bits so no where for dirt to hide and it is super easy to clean. The new rocker has gorgeous chamfered edges as well as our new travel adjustment chip for switching between 80mm and 100mm of travel. We finish it off with internal cable routing for the rear derailleur for some of the best cable routing for all you mechanics out there.”

Psst! …The guys from Transition Bikes are interviewed in the current issue of Singletrack Magazine –

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  1. Oh my!! the raw with polished Bits…………………..MMMMMMMMMM

  2. They know what they’re doing those Transition boys.

  3. I want it in all colours.

  4. That is nice!

    Would love to see it in black then I would reach into the coffers for this one!

  5. this looks niiiiice. but a 2010 covert is still top of my shopping list for new bikes though.

  6. looks like a Nicolai, nothing new here

  7. anyone else think it looks like an Orange Blood, but with a nicer linkage?

  8. Transition have been doing a bike like this for a few years now…

  9. MtbCol – are you MAD??? 🙂

  10. I was so close to ordering one of these but I wanted white or black/white which they used to do. I pulled out of my order when they annouced the rank new colours :(.

    If they still did a white or black one they would have my money. Great bike, and a dam sight cleanier looking than the bike I got instead

  11. I love the idea of this bike – however as a 6’3″ rider I feel this would be useless as an all round bike due to the seat tube being about 14″ – I appreciate its probably not designed as an all rounder but not everyone has the luxury to have a ‘play bike’ like this so I would have to purchase a more fit for purpose trail bike that i could actually ride uphill.

    If someone could tell me that I should buy this bike as it would be a perfect trail centre bike please do, its awesome.

    This or an Intense Tazer would be awesome

  12. They do talk about using it on singletrack. But I’m not so sure you’d want to use this as an allrounder. Have you seen the video on the Double page?

    What is it with these colour haters? Surely you’d be happy with the raw finish? Personally I think that yellow/lime one looks lush.

    With a frame and shock weight approaching 8lb I’m sure there are better allrounders out there. I can’t tell if the Tazer weight includes the shock but it’s still looks a pound lighter even if it’s without.

    Realistically, it’s too much bike for me (I weight 9 stone and my highest jump is probably 3 feet), but it looks absolutely fantastic.

    For those thinking it looks like the Blood. afaik the Transition Bottle Rocket came 2 years earlier.

  13. I think you’d have had to order custom geometry to get slopestyle angles burly build and short travel on a Nicolai. Which I know you can do. But I still don’t think they’ve got an equivalent bike.
    It’s not just about the number of pivots and shock position.
    I really like Nicolai btw – just in case you’re wondering. Especially the colours and the machining.


  15. Benji – Black with dayglo orange lettering. My personal fave 🙂

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