Maribor Qualifying: Wet, Slippy and Rocks

by Chipps 5

Aaron from MTBCut has sent us a short video from qualifying in a wet, wet, Maribor…

And here’s race day too:

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  1. they are both quali vids

  2. Actual coverage of the race was pretty shocking.

    You got a few seconds of everyone’s run and as far as I could tell they didn’t show the guy who came in first.

    Now that freecaster are charging there is no going to be no good coverage on the web of WC events for free. I don’t mind paying, but where I do I would like to see quality coverage rather than stuff run out of the back of a transit van

  3. blame UCI, its not freecaster who set the cameras up

  4. Gracia is awesome! And they did show some Minnaar, but as you say not much.

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