Lee Quarry Pump Track Backflip

by Ben Haworth 7

Word just in via Tony “Power Ranger” Lund from Tarty Bikes’ Mark and Ali…

Cleaning the track.

Mark: “Went up to the quarry after work yesterday and gave the pump track a bit of a brush with Ali. Made it super fast!  I’d forgotten what it was like when it was new, so it was cool to blast round there again. Ali decided to celebrate by going upside down out of the berm.


Ali Clarkson backflipping.

Have you entered the “Event of the season” yet..?

Singletrack Classic Weekender, Lee Quarry, Lancashire, July 3rd-4th 2010

  • 3 different races
  • 1 bike
  • The ultimate “all rounder” event

A weekend of Trials, Downhill and XC racing. One entry fee – all three events.

What makes this event different from any other on the calendar?

The idea of the event is a light hearted competition to find the best all round mountain biker and for riders to work out where they stand in a test of skills, speed and endurance. The aim of the Singletrack Classic Weekender is to have a fun weekend of bike riding, good natured racing and a lot of socialising…

The disciplines:

There will be three events in the Classic Weekender that will lead riders to an overall position. It’s roughly based on old skool races, where one entry fee got you entry to three disciplines. The only difference being that in this event, all your performances count towards a final, overall position.

Classic Trials

Modern trials riders are fantastically skilled, riding impossible obstacles. However, this event is aimed at mere-mortals. There will be five simple, taped off, sections to ride, resembling ‘normal’ mountain bike obstacles (with a couple of ‘modern’ additions – things like ‘a log to ride along’ and ‘some jumbly rocks’). Once ‘on course’ you have 15 seconds to ride each section. A foot down, crash or leaving the course is an instant ‘kill’. A clean ride between the tapes is a ‘clear’. For every ‘kill’, you will earn a time penalty for the following day’s cross country race, added up after the five sections.

Classic Downhill

Downhillers, again, are fierce riders, capable of clearing huge gaps and big drops. The downhill race at the Classic Weekender will be for more mortal riders, and doable on any bike from a hardtail to a monster DH bike. Just remember that you’ll have to race whichever bike you choose in the following day’s XC. Smooth all-round riding will get you a better time than just being fearless. Once again, the penalties won’t be too severe, and the penalty for not doing a discipline at all will be far stiffer. Even crashing or puncturing will get you a better score than not turning up.

Classic XC

The Sunday will host the cross country race. The start will be handicapped so that riders with perfect scores from the Saturday will start on time, followed a minute later by riders with a minute’s penalty, and so on until the riders with the maximum penalty score bring up the rear. The race then goes on for four laps or so, with the winners of those races being crowned as the overall champion of the event, and the best overall mountain bikers in the land.

Weekender Ticket: £35.00.

Your one entry fee gets you entry to all of these events. They MUST be competed on the SAME BIKE.


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  1. Holy Ferk! Gnar to the max.

  2. Thing is, most of us could feasibly get into that sort of situation in the air.

    The difference, and this is where photographic evidence is required, is that not all of us could land it on two wheels and walk away unscathed 🙂

  3. I was there last weekend and bumped in to ali and he did the same thing, it seemed like he was not even trying! Sick!

  4. hope to see a few videos of this after the event, sounds great

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