Fresh Goods

by Ben Haworth 15

Every Friday we round up all of the fun stuff we’ve been sent to review and we show it to you, ready for you to pull it apart, lust after it, or just be rude. We all need some Friday gadgets to look at, eh?

We'll get to the sunglasses in a second. How about that Dashing Tweeds cap that Sim stole off our friend Evil Gordon? Dashing, eh? As it should be for £50...

They're finally here! DT Twinshot XMC100 forks!

Reverse arch, three position travel switch and completely new internals.

We've had a bumper delivery of Fox glasses. Here's the Fox Duncan Sport, designed in conjunction with Oakley. £120 or so

How big? This is the Super Duncan, modeled by Sim, but stolen by Matt. £85

The Aliator!

Crank Bros new Joplin 4 - as in it has 4in of adjustment. RRP £235

A box of SRAM XX. Ironically, we're more keen to see the new, new SRAM XO that should be arriving any time now. This is destined for a curvy titanium machine.

We loved 'A dog in a hat' - this is the new book by Joe Parkin about his days back in the USA, mostly racing mountain bikes. And since writing this, he's ended up getting hired as Bike Magazine's new editor.

Genetic Heritage. A new value brand - £19.99, 27.2 and 350mm length. Sorted. Comes from www.ison-distribution.

One for you road riders - the Airborn Supa Nova mini pump is £15.99, tiny, and will inflate a road tyre to over 100psi. It'll do mountain bike tyres too, but you might lose the will to live before getting to 30psi

All mountain 29? Yep, it's certainly one of the potential futures of the world. These wheels come from American classic and we'll be featuring them in the magazine soon.

Also from American Classic is this smart pair of XC tubeless wheels. 1550g without QRs and using a garish yellow rimstrip for tubelessness.

Fitting that rimstrip can't be a fun job. Mind your fingertips.

ODI has teamed up with Troy Lee Designs for these none-more-black grips

Very light carbon riser bars from 3T. If you want XC race risers, look here.

Of course there's a matching full carbon stem from 3T

Finally out on DVD is this classic cycling film. Dig out your Cutters T-shirts. It's out on June 28th for £15.99

Endura has done great things with merino in the past, so here's their new socks and arm warmers made of the magic stuff.

Here's the brand new Bontrager Evoke RXL saddle - hollow Ti rails and superlight foam. One for the race heads

Made entirely from 'Rilsan Clear G830 Rnew', a bio-renewable sourced polymer derived from castor oil, these Smith sunglasses seem to do the job of keeping the sun out and you looking smart without melting the world as much.

It's our promo copy of the new film 'Follow Me' - and with perfect timing, we've just had a delivery of the real thing in to our shop today!

It's a Montane Atomic Jacket (which is good anyway) but this is the special edition one where Montane is donating half the price to Mountain Rescue England and Wales!

Montane’s Atomic Stretch Jacket weighs in at just 310g and thanks to the jacket’s Entrant DT fabric it is waterproof, windproof, breathable and lighter than conventional outerwear. “A unique inner surface treatment gives this fabric a smooth and dry touch and feels refreshing and pleasant on the skin.”

It’ll cost £125 from the Climbers’ Shop in Ambleside or direct from Montane, with £75 going to Mountain Rescue England & Wales.

Endura Baa-Baa sleeveless baselayer.
Endura MT500. Smell the glove!
Smith V XE eyewear. Summer's here kids!

Comments (15)

  1. Aliator. NICE. Those Smith spex look familiar….

    Spookily I was going to buy an uppy downy post this weekend to go to Afan with but now I’m going to get a kayak instead.

  2. Too much happening on the glove. I just want simple gloves y’know, leather palm, plain top…sigh

  3. I’m strangely like the American Classics… wonder how much

  4. Hi Travis – both wheelsets are £399. Distributed by Eurobike

  5. Been picking the gorse thorns out the back of my nuckles recently – looking for new gloves with a bit more padding in this area. 661 and Answer used to be good for this but recent efforts have had less and less… fashion… pah!

  6. American Classic wheels are ace, they do loads of road, track and MTB wheels but seem to be overshadowed by the big M.

  7. nice fox sunnies could be a tad larger though 72mm circumference was so last year 74 is where its at this year

  8. Sim, are they grey hairs I spy?! 🙂

  9. Mate, if you worked here you’d have grey hair too. 🙂

  10. Best thing on there is Sim’s T Shirt! 😉
    Will order Follow Me now if you have it. Amazon was quoting August for delivery, strangely when I looked!!

  11. Please, whoever writes these articles, put the description then the picture. The way you do it is not right, and it gets on my titties.

  12. Are Fox joking with those glasses? They all look awful/rdiculous.

  13. Those american classic wheels look sweeeet and at £400 a set there are great price. May have to invest in a set, replace my rather heavy set of mavic rimmed hopes.

  14. I like the bit about Oakley helping Fox design the glasses, I think someone at Oakley saw it as an opportunity to kill off the competition by coming up with something so hideous know one would buy them.

    Oh and that micro pump would be pointless on a road bike to.

  15. Who actually sells Smith glasses? The UK distributor isn’t any help, and google throws up seemingly only foreign sites.

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