Sea Otter: A few quickies

by Chipps 18

Hey, I’m supposed to be on a plane in about eight hours, so here’s a quick story to keep you going until I’m back from the States (in theory at least…)

WTB Peaty saddle. You win a World Champs on one of theirs and we're sure they'll make one for you too

And now on to some skinny VP pedals – these ones have a full length spindle, but they’re chopped out any pins that aren’t essential to grip and canted the body to let them be as skinny as possible

And they come in pretty colours too...

This stickered up Evil Revolt was on the Fox stand and we thought you’d like to see it. First-off, is that a downward pointing stem? It seems to be… Why not just lose those spacers? Nice off-centre head tube bolts for adjustable geometry to match the rear adjustable attitude

Those'll be the new 180mm Fox forks
Stem down!

And now on to e*thirteen who were showing an XC style single ring guard and some pretty new colours…

Run from 32T to 42 if you're butch enough.
e*thirteen - pretty... and designed to run in chain guides without pins or other fouling bits.

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  1. Sorry, but hasn’t that E13 guide been floating around for a while? Likewise with the chainrings- although IIRC we don’t get the full range of colours in the UK!

  2. those pedals almost make me want to ride on flats all the time….

  3. A slightly downward facing stem….heavens to murgatroyd, I just cannot believe it

  4. Descent World have those chainrings in all colours I believe.

  5. A pedal with so few pins is a bad idea IMO.

    What happens when you knock a couple out on a rocky ride?

    Peaty saddle is nice, surely they’re only going to sell a couple of them at the most though – and that’s assuming Steve Peat doesn’t get them free anyway.

  6. “although IIRC we don’t get the full range of colours in the UK!”

    The full line up is available at all good shops 🙂

  7. the evil looks like a whole big bag of fun….

    i like the e13 full range of teeth too….even and odd…

  8. and what is the red button for on the evil’s h bar?

    oh and with a stem that short, some spacers underneath and turned upside down makes the reach shorter still…

  9. Isn’t the stem and spacer combo to stop in clouting the headtube bolts when you turn the bars?

  10. dRjOn – April 21st, 2010
    ‘what is the red button for on the evil’s h bar?’


  11. matthewjb: could be: though it *looks* like it would clear with maybe a 2mm spacer if right way up…

    turbo boost! heh!

  12. Pedals look a bit form over function IMO – s’pose they’re alright for rides with no rocks though.

  13. that’s an upside down Easton Havoc stem
    not a pointy-downy one

  14. “is that a downward pointing stem? It seems to be… Why not just lose those spacers?”
    Maybe in that position the bars sit slightlylower than if pointed up with no spacers?
    Or somebody is playing about with bar height, and had it upside down with no spacers, and wanted to raise it a touch, but couldn’t be bothered with undoing/resetting the stem/bars and didn’t want to shorten the reach as much as if they flipped the stem upright?

  15. Just a guess but the red button looks like part of one of those bar mouted stopwatches for moto x and freelap timing?

  16. Surely the red button fires the rocket launchers.

  17. The red button’s for checking Ceefax when you’re on the turbo.

  18. Maybe they don’t want to cut the steerer really short on the brand new 180mm Fox fork?

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