Pronghorn Available In The UK

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Hot on the heels of the success of launching Transition Bicycles on the UK market, Surf Sales has added another thoroughbred to the stable by taking on the sole UK distribution for Pronghorn Racing.

Surf Sales are probably best known for distributing Dakine as they have been selling that for over 20 years. The bike team at Surf Sales, headed up by Graeme Fuller and Sean Reynolds are no strangers to the mountain bike market with over 50 collective years experience of the trade between them.

“We are thrilled to be associated with a brand that is synonymous with performance products and has a significant racing pedigree. We are excited to re- introduce this unique suspension system to the UK market.”

Pronghorn Racing’s Danish award winning A.P.L.S (Anti Power Loss System) suspension technology won over the Surf Sales team, with its carbon frame, aggressive XC racing geometry “to give you a faster and more efficient suspension design while eliminating the pedal bob.”

“Pronghorn Racing wants to make each product right and limit us to a few thoroughly developed peaks. Our products are designed with a special focus on speed and durability and we do not compromise that, by limiting ourselves to the development of beautiful and multipurpose bikes to please the big market”.

The body of the pronghorn antelope is primed for exceptional endurance and high speed over long distances. It has evolved an aerobic ability that enables it to burn oxygen with unique efficiency, and at a very high rate. Cheetahs and pronghorns have both been clocked at speeds of over 70 km/hour – but only the pronghorn can keep going at such high speeds for a long time.”

The entire range of bikes from ultra-light carbon hardtails to 150mm all mountain bikes will be available through the Surf Sales dealer network from Easter 2010.

Carbon hardtails are now available in the Pronghorn line


If you're wondering about the numbers, they're the tube lengths in millimetres

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    Who wrote that press release. Looks like the original Danish quote was put through babelfish and then pasted into the release. If it was my PR firm I’d sack them.

    Ugly stick had a busy day with that lot

    Yu don’t want to get your ‘nads caught on that top tube shock mount, do you? <>

    I think the FS bikes look fast.

    How often have you actually hit your ‘nads on the top tube of your current bike? Never, I’d suspect. So, there’s no issue with that, IMO.

    There is an issue with them being amazingly ugly though.

    I think that Flying Fox Bikes might have something to say about Surf Sales being sole UK distributors, seeing as Flying Fox Bikes are the original UK Pronghorn guys. That’s where I got my Carbon XC from, and I’d much prefer to be buying my bike from a shop that doesn’t list biking behind “surfing, kite or windsurfing, snowboarding or skiing”.

    think that Flying Fox Bikes might have something to say about Surf Sales being sole UK distributors, seeing as Flying Fox Bikes are the original UK Pronghorn guys.

    no they weren’t, Jeremy Crook was bringing them in, Flying Fox are just a dealer

    Flying Fox Bikes (Stirling – Scotland) have been selling Pronghorn for a while now.

    Having bought from Flying Fox Bikes a few times I have found them superb to deal with and they have done a lot of work to get the Pronghorn brand exposed out and about in the UK.

    As for trapping your ‘nads in the shock don’t be daft – the shock is well out of the way and very nicely placed to avoid mud etc for shock life.

    They also look a lot less ugly in real life – the carbon ones look really good.

    Oh a quick google shows flying fox had 20 – 25% off RRP of the bikes on their twitter recently and they have demo bikes as well listed on their website:

    2010 Pronghorn PR6 Race and Pronghorn PR6 Trail now in stock. We have several demo bikes built and ready to ride! The PR6 Trail is available in 16″, 17.5″ and 19″ and the PR6 Race is available in 17.5″ and 19″. We also have serious discounts on Pronghorns at the moment instore.

    Oooops that reads as an advert for flying fox – but stuff it they have never done me wrong! 🙂

    Argyle, you seem to know a lot. If you had been monitoring the Pronghorn website then you would have seen that we had been placed as the UK distributor. However, that is no longer the case. Just noticed this, and don’t like to get involved but I don’t like lies or inaccuracies.

    I shall try to not get involved in the future!

    Just a little note to clear up any confusion, there is nothing to prevent Flying Fox continuing to sell and market Pronghorn, they are a dealer and the impression we have is that is/was their continuing role.

    We (Surf Sales) are a distribution company of some long standing and hold local stock which is available to selected dealers for resale to consumers.

    We had been in negotiation on and off with Pronghorn since Eurobike last fall, but only secured the agency at Ispo earlier this spring, in the meanwhile we have been focussed on Transition the downhill brand.

    We hope to have tryout bikes at a fair number of events throughout the upcoming season, they are unique, the geometry of their suspension system works even without locking out the rear shock, personally in all the years I’ve ridden stuff like this no one bike has had such a markedly noticeably transferance of power to the ground, then I would say that wouldn’t I?

    All I’d say, if you get a chance, get on one, see for yourself. These guys set out to build a set up that is better than a factory ride yet is available to the Privateer without the usual ‘yeah but mine has this and that’ from the team guy.

    That’s it really…

    Cool, give me a shout sometime g.r.f. I can fill you in if necessary. Love the bikes, nothing’s changed there. The 150mm is the fastest long travel bike I’ve ever ridden and the 100mm is just a true race machine.

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