New Yeti 29er

by Chipps 12

From what we’re hearing from the US bike trade, it seems that 29ers are now making up a fair amount of the high end hardtail market, at least in the Eastern and Central bits. The west coast seems undecided at the moment. It’s not surprising then, that Yeti has decided to enter the fray.

We caught a glimpse of this bike in a stand at the Fox launch. No doubt it’ll be introduced to us today in the pits, but here’s an early sneak preview.

Called the Big Top, perhaps a reference to clown bikes, perhaps not, it’s a Yeti hardtail like we’ve never seen before. Big, tapered headtube, big main triangle and a carbon fibre back end.

And it’s not just a regular, Taiwanese, glue-in back end that replaces the seatstays. It’s a whole Yeti-shaped rear triangle, complete with curving dropouts.

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Comments (12)

  1. Nice. Looks fast 🙂

  2. Notice the direct mount front mech, with full length housing.

  3. and ‘only’ fitted with SLX – lordy, you’d not dare that over here – STW Bling Police would be all over you 🙂

  4. looks like you would be abe to swop out the dropouts to so gears/singlespeed, bolt thru/qr. should be a versatile beast. i think i want one:)

  5. brace on the rear stay looks ugly!

  6. 2nd the modular dropouts…..Stu,you out there mate?One in large please mon.

  7. How short is that headtube…

  8. 22incher here, please. That’d be my perfect race bike if I had a few grand more than I do.

  9. Why do those [pictures make me want a hardtail so much, I’ve never really been interested in a 29er and am happy with full sus, but that makes me want to make a change!

  10. grass always greener etc…..

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