NEW! Santa Cruz Nickel

by Chipps 19

So, after much internet-hype and conjecture, we’re happy to present you with the full, official details of one of the new Santa Cruz APP bikes. Did we just say ‘one of?’ Yep…

So, without further ado, here are the details of the 125mm Santa Cruz Nickel.

It’s based on their new patented APP system. Yes, APP is a ‘bogus acronym’ for Actual Pivot Point. As in, there’s no virtual or floating pivot point, just like the other single pivot bikes from Santa Cruz.

So what’s the deal? The Nickel fits nicely in the gap between the Superlight and Heckler. It’s a “marathon-y into trail bike” according to Santa Cruz’ moustachioed spokesbod, Mike Ferrentino. He also reckons it’s a relatively a slack angled (68/72.5) bike that’ll still go uphill, is great fun downhill and builds into a pretty competitive weight – 26lbs as pictured (without pedals). It even has a pair of bottle bosses. Top tube on a medium is 23in. Recommended forks are 130mm.

What’s the deal with the new linky links then? That’s what all Santa Cruz’ fuss is about. Although there are plenty of link driven single pivots out there, the APP system’s link not only changes the linkage ratio, but it does it to both lower and raise the shock ratio in different parts of the suspension stroke, rather than just raising, or just lowering the shock ratio over the travel. (Shock ratio is explained right here on the Santa Cruz website) – But what does it do? It works towards that suspension nirvana of a super-supple bike on the little stuff, but that can handle the big hits while still feeling like it has bottomless suspension travel.

That link a little closer...

The official launch is, hmm, right about now actually, so we should be able to get back to you with some initial riding thoughts by the end of the week. That’s if it stops raining here in Santa Cruz…

Bikes should be showing up with Santa Cruz UK in June. And we should have UK RRPs for you later this week.

Updated: The UK Prices for BOTH the Nickel or the Butcher will be £1299 for either, with a Float R. There’s a £110 upcharge for a Fox RP23.

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  1. Does that pivity thing make any odds to how it works or is it just more bearing and parts to replace.

    The butcher looks a nice bike though, loved the heckler when I had one back in the 90s

  2. There’s a ‘gap’ between the superlight and the heckler… ? oh maybe they mean the one that I fill by putting longer forks on my superlight or lighter bits on my heckler … 😉

  3. Do you have any info on frame weights? How does it compare to the Blur?

  4. The Nickel fits nicely in the gap between the Superlight and Heckler

    Isn’t that where the Blur goes?

  5. So basically a Yeti ASR 5 then…

  6. I think it looks great.
    $2000 for a full build, lets hope we see some competitive UK pricing from SC for a change. Won’t hold my breath though….

  7. Yeah Im with some of the other comments here – between the Superlight & the Heckler??? I though the Blur LT did that..As for the Nickel..Well doesnt the Blur XC tick that box?? Cant help the feeling that Santa Cruz may have overcooked things a little..

  8. The Nickel is a 5in travel bike and the Superlight is a 4in bike and the Heckler is a 6in bike, so it does sit nicely between the two. The Blur XC is similar travel, but is nearly twice the price… (It takes a 120-140mm fork, Stumpy)

    The Butcher is harder for them to justify, but it is going to be much cheaper than then BLT and BLTc

  9. This sounds like an ST4 style bike. Short travel but slack head tube. What’s the bb height like? If it’s half as good as the Orange it will be a hoot.

  10. Weights on new SC site put both Butcher and Nickel heavier than the alu Nomad.

  11. Thats disappointing. These linkage bikes must be heavy by nature, the ST4 is pretty much as heavy as a 5.

  12. or perhaps they have to be allowed to be heavier than the more complex and expensive bikes they might otherwise usurp? imagine the Nickel being cheaper and lighter than other bikes they already make. i hope the weights on the site are wrong though having said that

  13. I think those weights are without shocks too.

  14. Although the piece reckons 26 is achievable.

  15. Well, these bikes don’t seem very exciting… they look like some low cost models from Santa Cruz.

  16. nice amount of travel you dont really need more than this for all round uk riding.

  17. I like choice, but this is ridiculous – Santa Cruz don’t just have different bikes for different categories of riding, they now have have different bikes for each different trail you ride on – count ’em:
    Superlight, Blur XC, Nickel, Blur LT, Heckler, Butcher, Nomad – all full suss XC to AM trail bikes.

    Don’t know how many more finer levels of granularity I can take before my head explodes! 🙂

  18. I think they feel under pressure to be constantly bringing new bikes out and so they invent new categories. I have a blur and a heckler and cant see a real need for more inbetween especially considering they have the blur variations.

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