The Summer ‘Puffer Entries Now Open

by Chipps 6

Well, the latest snowfall in the Highlands has buried the Strathpuffer course in 18 inches of fresh snow – at this rate, they may still have snow for The Puffer Lite on 26th /27th June 2010 – a 12 hour race on the same legendary/feared Highland course.

Speaking of which entries are now open at:

The Puffer Lite uses essentially the same course as the Strathpuffer 24 but the organiser reckon amazing how different it feels the summer, with the lap times running on average 15 minutes quicker.

The event starts at 8pm on Saturday night and runs until 8am Sunday morning and is open to Solos, Pairs and Trios (as this is only a 12 hour sprint we felt it might be a bit too easy for quads).

The cost of entry is £35 per entrant, which includes a meal from Red Poppy catering

Same relaxed vibe just a little less darkness and slightly higher temperatures… probably…

If you enjoyed The Strathpuffer (and some of you must have…) it’s worth heading up to see what it’s like in the summer.

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  1. This was a great event last year with the exception of the catering truck arriving late. Lap times definately quicker in the dry. The sun was shining until nightfall last year. Remember to pack the midgy repellant!

  2. cracking event ! just entered again

  3. email if your doing solo SS

  4. We’ll be entering two Squarewheels trios for the youth team, should get all the laps in at around 30 minutes, like last year.

  5. Flying the flag for Squarewheels in the solo’s again. Really enjoyed last years event and I’m sure it’ll be even better this year.

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