Singletrack Issue 56 On Sale…

by Chipps 15

Issue 56 is being shipped out to newsagents and subscribers hopefully as we speak. Look to the skies next week to see the latest issue of Singletrack. In the meantime, here’s a taster as to what to expect…

Issue 56 Cover pic by Andy McCandlish
Here's the cover that'll be appearing in the newsagents
Contents Page for issue 56. Tim March from Howies.

Contents 56

7. Editorial
Bikes are not the only amazing invention in the world, reckons Chipps. And you still have to pedal them.

8. Jamaica – Rhythms Of Life
Benji samples the tastes and trails of the Jamaican Fat Tyre Festival.

18. A Touch of Class
Don’t sleep on the moors in a bivvy bag! Check into a decent hotel and do it properly. Mark invents the anti-bivvy.

24. Interview – Debbie Burton from Minx-Girl
An insight into getting women to ride more, how to set up your own internet business and why changing rooms need mirrors on the inside.

30. Column: Up!
Johnne Pinks sings the praises of the unpopular, but ever present, need to climb hills to get to the top.

33. Bike Test – Adjustable Angle Bikes
Bikes from Bionicon, Kona and Norco with dual (or more!) personalities.

42. Column: The Joy of Fettling
There’s something primeval about taking things apart and putting them back together. Hopefully correctly.

44. Through the Grinder
Ten pages of real products, wrecked in real mud by real riders.

56. Gallery Feature – Gary Perkin
What does a race photographer do in the winter? Ride bikes at home in South Africa, of course! Photos not for the easily jealous…

62. Blame the Dog
Mike Ferrentino tries to work out where the simple act of riding got complicated.

64. Column: Sweet Lines
Jazzy Brian draws the parallels between singletrack mountain biking and, er, jazz guitar improvisation?

66. Singletrack Weekender!
Voted one of the best events of 2009. Three events, but only one bike permitted. July 3/4th. Book it now!

71. Grouptest: Handlebars
Everyone needs handlebars and we’ve lassoed 25 of them, from the widest to the weirdest.

78. Competition: Win Fulcrum wheels and Thomson stuff!
Win a Fulcrum wheelset and the stem and seatpost of your choice!

80. Grouptest: Trail Lights Pt2
More winter (and summer racing) lights from Exposure, Lupine, Lumicycle and Hope.

84: Competition: Become SRAM’s pro race photographer for the day.
Do you have what it takes to be a pro snapper?

88. Subscribe to Singletrack
Get all this. And more. For less.

90. UK Travel: Ancient Trails – The Magna Via
Benji, our trail historian, charts another historic trail – that happens to be great to ride.

96. Fitness. Lose weight this spring!
Fitness basics with Matt Hart. Follow this, lose weight in time for the summer. Simple.

100. Route Guide – Quantock Hills, Somerset
A tour round the endless bridleways of this West Country gem.

111. Outro
You can’t go anywhere without someone taking a stupid picture of you.

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  1. When will it be available for download/viewing on internet?

  2. Mark’s just polishing the Premier copy of the magazine now and it will be there by Monday morning, if not before.

  3. Bearded cover and contents. Win.

  4. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s issue 56!

  5. the Q’s , best I hide

  6. Any chance of it actually landing on my doormat on Monday 15th? The last few have been well after announced date and I have had to read comments by other subscribers long before I got mine. On at least two occasions WH Smiths had theirs before me!

  7. I’m seeing a font issue with the PDF of issue 56. ‘C’ from Contents missing and a review of ‘Mobi ressure Washer’ etc.
    Looks like someone forgot to let the fonts be embedded in the PDF. Never had an problem with previous issues.

  8. Most of the initial lettering is missing from the downloaded version.

  9. Jamaica trip looked brilliant. Like all the embedded stuff too.

  10. What’s a “femal cyclist” (p24) teehee!

  11. Where is the cover pic?

  12. ‘111 pages eh?’

    The Outro isn’t the end of the mag.

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