e*thirteen LS1+ Chain Guides

by Nathan 0

Silverfish UK have announced the arrival of the new e*thirteen LS1+ Chain Retention System.

It’s a direct descendent of the LG1+ device and shares many design features as the LG1+ but retails at a much lower price.

The design was shaped by hundreds of hours of engineering and analysis and e*thirteen say they have “produced the most technologically advanced direct mount bashguard capable chain retention system ever conceived for price conscious riders.”

The system has been undergoing testing for over a year and with a claimed weight of only 245 grams, e*thirteen say “the LS1+ is lighter and stronger than almost all of our competition’s top end aluminium chainguides—at almost half the price!”

SRP: £59.95 without Taco bashguard.
SRP £79.95 with Taco bashguard.