Ghost Bikes Are Here

by Chipps 10

Chipps is just back from a couple of days in Scotland where he had the chance to ride some ‘new to the UK, but enormous in Europe’ Ghost-brand bikes. First stop was Hotlines’ office in South Queensferry…

It's not a bad view (of the Forth Rail Bridge) to have from your office, eh?
What could be lurking behind this small door (and big wheeliebin?)
Ghost Bikes! And lots of them. Though they might be new to the UK, they're big throughout the rest of Europe.
How do you get lots of bike journos to come and look at your bikes? Coffee, biscuits and the chance of riding bikes on a weekday.
Still not heard of Ghost? Olympic Champion Sabine Spitz rode one to victory in Bejing.
'Lector' is Ghost's label for its carbon frames. Hungry for victory?

The bike I chose to thrash around a snowy Glentress was this AMR 7500 (£2199). It features many of the things that Ghost bikes are rightly proud of in their range. There are needle bearings in all the pivots, making for a noticeably supple suspension action, yet the four-bar design bike climbs very well and the Pro-Pedal lever was only engaged out of curiosity rather than necessity. If I was going to Lake Garda or something and facing a three hour road climb, I’d stick it on, but for the slopes of most of the UK, I preferred to leave the shock wide open.

A visit to Eurobike will show just how huge Ghost bikes is, but even in the UK, the scale of the company is evident in the sheer value for money of their bikes. With the cheapest hardtail starting at £369 and All Mountain full suspension starting at £949, we’re looking forward to seeing more of Ghost in the near future…

Fresh tracks! We were the only people at Glentress for most of Tuesday, so had the place to ourselves. Snowy tabletops were a particular challenge for the day.
Despite a couple of inches of snow, the Glentress trails were surprisingly rideable.
Jonesy from Dirt waiting for his moment while chilling in the deluxe artists' motorhome. It's all glamour...
Rick from MBUK doing his best 'chilly bikestand' impression
Russ Burton, the day's staff photographer, whose job it was to make the bikes (and us) look good...

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  1. I always thought it odd that they weren’t in the UK and are up there with spec., trek and giant when it comes to value for money. Plus for UK riders they will be rare for a while.

  2. Queens Spice does a blinding Tom Yum Soup.

  3. Milk straight from the carton? No milk jug? Shocking.

  4. As also ridden by Lisi Osl to 3 UCI World Cup XC wins and the overall UCI World Cup title in 2009. I borrowed a Lector RT Team for a day in 2008 and liked it.

  5. The red and white FS bike looks very Trek-esque.

  6. I’m more concerned that there were no saucers (and cups for that matter!)… Any discerning Gent (or Lady) should always have their pinkie out whilst dunking a Digestive…

    Oh yeah, I like the bikes too… 😀 Seem to hit the price and kit points…

    ***runs off to check bank balance***

  7. Thats what I thought, its a TREK with new decals

  8. there shouldn’t be any tyre tracks on the top of those tables 🙂 Some nice looking bikes though.

  9. Yay! The Ferry – place of my birth and childhood. The ‘Spice is a great wee curry house.

  10. Full fat milk as well…

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