Fisher Outdoor Show.

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“It’s a long way from Hebden Bridge to St Albans”  ( Hum it in a John Denver styley)

It is a long way but worth it for lots of nice bits and bobs to see.

Basil range of commuter bags and panniers are fun and fresh – I fancy one of those nice baskets and some Gingham material to Wrap Bert up in and  take him for a ride.

This is the crazy new Airace trackpump head with your normal presta Schrader valves and shock pump … can’t imagine you’ll need many strokes

There’s a full range of Airace stuff in fact.

Twinney Racks which we’ll be reviewing with loads of other racks in issue 57

Waterloo is a range of  “Snap on™”   like boxes and  metal-work units. Check the incredible display below.

[stvideo src=”2010/02/Fisher_Waterloo.m4v”]

Cyclo do a great range of home mechanic priced stuff – The chain tool looked particularly robust- you’ll be able to hand it to your grandchild on your deathbed.

Love or hate TLD XC  Jersey

Long sleeve retro (there’s a definite theme running through all of the more baggier/freeride/MX clothing this year)

D2 in 80’s Retro

D3 Full Face

Stylin baggies

Close up of their 25th anniversary top. It has every theme TLD has used – It’s hideously ace.

More soon..


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    Loving the grey slacks and shiny black shoes. Must be a distraction tactic for the sales team.

    It’s just a plastic tool box – surely not the hardest thing to sell, but he looks so into it!

    it was at sopwell house, wasn’t it? my future in-laws popped in there to take a look last sun, as my gf and I are getting married there in Dec. They reported back that they couldn’t get a proper look at it as the rooms were full of bike parts. 🙂

    pumps, baskets & tool boxes… the highlights of the show?

    sounds exciting, definitely worth the journey.

    NB Matt the video is a work of pure genius

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