2010 Dorados (With 29er Option!)

by Matt Letch 9

The Hayes Bicycle Group is pleased to announce the official release of the…

Manitou 2010 Dorado Pro

“The Dorado Pro has 7050 Alloy legs and utilizes the exact same internals as the much hyped MRD Dorado Carbon. The fork continues its World Cup race pedigree but it’s not just a DH race fork anymore. It’s a very capable park, free-ride and big mountain fork. Along with proven TPC+ damping the fork has plush top-out coupled with a hydraulic bottoming ramp-up that makes the fork feel bottomless. The air spring keeps your wheel tracking through the choppiest of terrain, but doesn’t flinch when you throw something big in its path.

“Updates for 2010, includes an improved two-chamber large-volume low-pressure air spring which simplifies set-up and optimizes fork performance. The air spring pressure is increased and decreased using a single valve at the top of the fork, no more valve down by brake rotor. The pressure in the two chambers auto-equalizes when a shock pump is connected. Just add and/or bleed off air from the top. Also, all mount hardware has a better grade bolt with a deeper broach (tool interface) and the brake cable guide path has been improved.

“The fork comes in both 26 and 29inch version weighing 6.55lbs/2971grams and it is handmade in our Wisconsin facility.”


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  1. Is anyone making 29er dh tyres?

  2. when was tpc+ proven and by whome

  3. Presumably you have had one bad experience of them so you can tell us ? ;]

  4. updates for 2010 seem to have missed the price for this hand built in the states

  5. and a reasonable question i thought, tpc+ wasn’t that on the (top end!!)axles

  6. oh but where are the mythical single crown Dorados I used to lust over?

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