News from the Glyncorrwg Centre…

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This just in from Ian at the DropOff Café…

“The Dropoff Café continues in Glyncorrwg

Since learning that the café had lost the Tender bid to host in Glyncorrwg, it was time to find out what our options were.

Having worked hard to put the café where it is today and by giving it the reputation it has so rightly deserved, I sought advice about the issue and as it happens have a right to seek a new tenancy of the café as the lease is protected by the Landlord and Tenant act 1954 to be precise.

I have served notice on the GPC (Glyncorrwg Ponds Committee) (My Landlords) which has the effect of continuing the tenancy until the beginning of November this year. ( 2010). In addition to that I will be seeking to agree terms for a new tenancy beyond that, again on the basis that I have been advised that this is my entitlement under the legislation. I am looking forward to resolving these issues with the GPC so that I can continue to Develop the Drop off and move forward in offering its continued quality service, food and visitor experience.

So, let’s end all talk about when/if we are leaving so we can get on and make some Lasagne and bake some cakes.


Ian Luff”

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