Need To Ride. Have To Ride. Won’t Ride.

by 11

Sometimes I go through periods where I just don’t feel like riding bikes. I’ve come to realise that these periods are when I need to ride bikes most. Catch 22.

Everyone knows that the world is a better place after a bike ride.

Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as regretting going for a ride.

And yet it’s not uncommon or infrequent to just not feel like going for a ride even though you know it’d be good for you. You know full well it’s the one and only thing that will cure your melancholy malady. But you still don’t bother riding. It’s like avoiding medicine. And fun medicine at that.

I hereby dub this psychological state “Bike-Polar Disorder” (BPD).

I went through a recent bout of BPD and then I went (semi-forced) on a bike ride. And you know what? It cured me.

Not doubt my BPD will return at some point. And I’ll not bother going for a ride. Even despite looking back at this blog entry.

Such is the curse of Bike-Polar Disorder.

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    Agreed. I was recently about to start taking teddy bears hostage and sending them back to their owners bit by bit…..and then I went riding and the world was a happy place. The winter blues were calmed.

    How can we actually relax without riding bikes though? It’s a disease.

    I thought it was just me! good to see other BPD sufferers out there!

    i have no idea what you’re talking about. not wanting to ride???
    madness i tell you

    It is a form of madness yes. That’s the point 😉

    A few months ago I wasn’t well enough ride or to commute by bike, but well enough to go to work. After a few weeks I felt like ripping somebody’s throat out. As soon as I was able to get back on the bike I felt night and day better.

    Good in a way, also quite worrying in another way as it seems to suggest that being able to ride is the fine thread that is holding my sanity together.

    > seems to suggest that being able to ride is the fine thread that is holding my sanity together.

    You can say that again. It is quite an obsession, I have to say. Although I haven’t ridden today….


    and does you missus/S.O notice the symptoms before you do and physically kick you out the door… “ffs go out on your bike & stop moing about!”

    It’s ace to get ‘sent’ out riding. Some kind of victory of grumpiness.

    I quite often get ‘sent’ out riding. I’ve even been known to deliberately play up so I get ‘sent’ out.

    It’s the time year and effort has to be made. But even a few snatched hours of fairly mediocre riding now will pay off in spring when your mates emerge from hibernation – you will out-ride them and grin till your cheeks split.

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