Look & Tell With Sean From Dakine & Transition

by Matt Letch 12

A rainy Friday in the office and The Deadline is on us.

Fortunately to break the virtual chains of bondage to our computers, Sean from Surfsales came to our rescue with a bike and parts to drool over from Transition and clothes and bags from Dakine.


Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket
1.5 Headtube
1.5 Headtube

The quite (in Matt’s eyes) gorgeous Tranistion Bottle Rocket in a Pollock-esque paint job, look like a weekend of skinning various bodyparts down rocks for Matt then!

Transiton Wheel
Transiton Wheel

Transition’s Revolution wheelset.._SIM8972

A pretty beefy set of wheels 20mm front and 12 mm rear – they feel like they could take a lot of abuse. £275.00 a pair as well.


Comfy looking leather saddle with some kind of topography map embossed into your guvnor for just £30.00 sheets.


Real (fool’s) gold pedals! £50.00


More gold in the form of this stem £59.00


Very chunky end caps £12.99



Highwire Glove.- Rough and tough trail/freeride glove


Ventilator – Really Breathable xc glove


Stormrider- Goretex Lined Winter Glove


Covert- Another all rounder – In tartan.



Step Up -Also available in Psychedelic (look lower down at the packs and you’ll see the colour way) which looks ace! Nice thin palm with minimal padding.



The Fairway. Lovely, lovely glove in Durafuse™ Leather (The leather is bonded together so no stitching) on palm and back panel- Super thin stretchy and grippy – they feel like they’d be great to ride (and golf?) in.


Novis 1/2 Finger- Women’s-specific fingerless glove


Girls Covert-  Again Women’s specific.


Girls’ Cross X

Women’s Specific Shorts…


Mode Short – Fully Featured Women’s short.


Siren Short – Lighter weight riding short than the Mode.

Men’s shorts.


Chorus Shorts – All rounder with removable liner  which is new for Dakine this year.



8 Track Short – Super tough freeride short – nice little touches such as the recoil pass pocket – so you can put your lift pass in it and it’s secure but easy to reach on a piece of elastic so you can swipe your way onto the cable car easily.




Messenger- As described really but again with some nice attention to detail. If you look at the first of the two pictures you’ll see a patch of material on the back of the pack. That’s for sliding over  those retractable airline style handles you get on so many travel bags these days, so you don’t have to have it on your back whilst you dragging your main bag. It’ll take all of your normal day to day stuff to with a separate laptop compartment.


Massive Dakine Shower cap/ rain cover.


Girls’ Session



Girls Drafter – Check the Liner!


Exchange pack- nice little work/college pack.


Commuter- Large (31ltr) pack with a separate lower pocket for shoes, helmet pocket on the front and a laptop pocket on the back .


Nomad – Dakine’s answer to the Swiss Army knife – can carry your kit for a day; takes a full face and armour via straps or XC lid using the pocket on the front. 3L resevoir and a nice front organizer tool kit pocket.


Cyclone Roll Top –   Ortlieb-esque  roll top pack 36 litre welded tarpaulin waterproof goodness.

For More info check www.dakine.com www.transitionbikes.com


Comments (12)

  1. I don’t normally care what my bikes look like, but that Bottlerocket gives me the horn. Love the paintjob, love the shape of the bike.

    Not Pollock though, more like Homebase laminate fake granite worktop. But in a good way.

  2. That Bottlerocket’s paintjob is a bit old skool Kona from the early 90’s. Splatter!

  3. mmmmmmmmm – that bottle rocket looks very nice, even if it is made out of corian.

  4. Must be awful going round the UK with Transition right now and everyone saying “Have you got a TR450??”… and they haven’t.

  5. Great, are splatter paint jobs coming back at last :-))

  6. No TR450? No Covert?

    Are we actually going to get them in the uk?

  7. Brant, like being asked if ragley do inbreds? LOL

  8. Are those the new Pugsley snow tyres behind the bottlerocket?

  9. Isnt the bottlerocket about to be replaced?

    All the retailers are discounting them like crazy in the states.

    Seems an odd choice to show, when everyone keeps asking about coverts

  10. Hope those Dakine Ventilator gloves last longer than the pair I bought last year. 5 rides and the palms had holes worn in them. Happily the LBS gave me a refund as they had received several pairs back with the same issue.

  11. HI Guys,

    WE only took the distribution on End Oct, First batch of Frames due to arrive Early Feb, Dealers sorted, dealer list at http://www.surf-sales.com, There are no TR450 anywhere yet, first batch still in production, the Bottlerocket is not about to be replaced (where do you guys get all this from?) Covert is a very different bike to the Brocket.

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