IXS Hack Knee Pads

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IXS Hack Knee Pads
Price: £42.99
From: Hotlines www.hotlines-uk.com
Tested: 2 months

I’ve never been able to find knee pads that I liked. The best I’ve previously been able to achieve was “tolerable”. I think I suffer from having skinny calves and biggish thighs, so anything that’s supposed to be worn around the knee area ends up slipping down. I’ve tried other “soft” knee pads before (such as 661 Evo pads) but they’ve been no better than hard pads for slippage and I’ve found them to be no comfier either – they’re still a tad bulky and bunchy and sweaty.

Hallelujah for the Hack Knee pads from IXS. They’re made from a lycra-alike material that’s light and supple – with a good articulated cut so they bend and extend during pedaling very nicely. There’s “NockOut” foam padding around the knee cap that extends a bit below the knee cap and although foam padding doesn’t offer the same level of whack-protection as a hard pad, there’s enough protection there for the sub-Freeride category of technical trail riding that I like to call “messing about”. For burlier, higher-speed, higher-risk activities I’d rather wear full shin and knee armour anyway.

Overall: If you have carrot legs and want some comfy, non-OTT knee protection, get these.

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