Core Bike Part One.

by 22

Loads and loads of stuff from Core Bike.

Sombrio stuff is so nice! Here’s their riding/casual jacket midlayer all rounder.

Yellow  riding jersey  – very Seventies feel to it. Made me think of Starsky and Hutch for some reason.

With matching shorts – equally as good for slam dunking if that’s your thing.

Nice post ride Kona Ladies t-shirt.

Sombrio also do some nice XC stuff with a retro feel. Here in Lycra…

…and here in wool.

Mace piss pot in wood effect and cheap as well at £19.95!

Timothy Leary inspired riding top in crazy colours and loads of mesh to keep you cool.

Corsair Ducat Jump Frame

Corsair Marque

We had  press release about this bike a while ago and the thing that people really talked about was that weight wise it was a bit portly. Seeing it in the flesh and talking to Dan from Windwave helped us understand the bike a lot more and the version they were showing which was built up with mostly gravity (not that) light™ parts and Marzocchi forks was still in the low thirties weight wise. The stand over is bonkers (It’ll be the bike that little kids down the park will want to have spin on there’s so much stand over) and the ability to adjust headangles on it means it should have incredible technical riding abilites.The design is kind of a modified single pivot though you could also argue it’s also a kind of VPP bike – anyway the main idea is that it has a very high pivot up and behind a the BB so it has a very agressive J shaped axle path -the bottom of the swing arm is attached via a link to the shock which floats at the bottom so moves forward as the swingarm moves. This should leave a bike the would be akin to riding a bed spring around it would bob that much, but Corsair use this…

…an incredibly neat inbuilt idler (we love idlers) to control pedaling forces – this design is so good that the bike doesn’t need  a pro-pedal type rear shock.

FI’ZI:K. Are you  a Snake a Chameleon or Bull? No nothing to do with Chineses new year or yoga, but how flexible you are and consequently what type of saddle you need . The basic premise is that Snakes are your highly flexible slim stomached types. They tend to  sit more on their pelvis when they pedal. The Chameleons are sort of the median who sit somwhere between their pelvis and genitals and there’s the Bulls (you’re the ones who feel alarmingly numb at the top of the climbs). It’s basically a nice simple way to aim you towards the correct saddle fit for you.

New FI’ZI:K Seatpost . Nice light (ish) seatpost with massive clamp so you don’t crush your carbon rails.

This poor man has been stuck in this Burley Trailer Since childhood. He still hasn’t developed teeth…

Easton Haven – a 32mm all mountain, tubeless compatible wheelset which happens to be pretty light as well. Estimated cost £650.00

Not new but an Intense 951 in yummy orange and Pringle.

Alpinestars are doing a range of mountain bike specific gear all of it totally redesigned for mountain bikers rather than it just being MX Gear.

The kneepads are called the Moab, they feature dual closure fastex type buckles and a honeycomb foam so they sit better on you leg, this also makes them less likely to twist under impact.

Gravity Shorts. A DH short that you can pedal up hill in, they’re 262 grams lighter than last years version. The guys at Alpinestars thought the whole weight weenie thing with bikes was odd when you could save more weight with clothing than upgrading components…

Pressure Suit. Mountain bike specific with redesigned shoulder pads, elbow pad straps and kidney belt all designed to work more comfortably when tucked on a bike rather than the more upright position of MX’ers.

Ergon shoe fit system. Probably more exciting for shop owners than a bike owners. The idea being that you use the cleat guide to get the cleat central and on the right part of the foot. It also means that refitting cleats back in the positon of your old cleats should be easier, the version here is for Look cleats but they also do Shimano mountain and road versions and a Crank Bros one is on the way.

Ergon commute bag. Equally  good for bikepacking and it should cope with heavier loads by having a proper internal frame to transfer weight to the hips and shoulder harness that pivots with your body movements.

Cork Ergon bar for correct semi retro-futerism accesorisation of your bike. The cork is from sustainable sources in Portugal. All of Ergons new packaging is now from recycled sources.

Yes not mountain bikes but pretty none the less. Traitor Cycles are being brought into the country by Windwave.

Every year we see skinny Colnago frames, every year we want one.

Traitor Cycles have this neat PBR paintjob, for all you down-and-outs and wannabee-down-and-outs.

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Comments (22)

    “Estimated cost £650.00”


    Nice! Liking the Pressure Suit… would look good with a pair of moon boots & some sparkly red tights IMO : )

    (We shall arrange that for you then Miss Rose ;])

    That Corsair Marque gave the instant horn. Don’t know why.

    i like the yello ensemble

    That yellow Sombrio stuff is very BMX Bandits!

    them yellow shorts are blatantly going to catch on your seat QR.

    right pain in the ass ime.

    You really have to see the Traitor PBR in the flesh, that photo doesn’t do it justice.

    only lycra then Mr Monkey? But then you don’t need a QR because you don’t drop your seat. oo it’s so complicated.

    Like the idea of the Ergon cleat fitting system. I always feel that as I tighten up the bolts that final bit that the cleat moves a little. As generally even a small shift in cleat position can have a big effect on leg joints being able to secure the show and cleat in position as the final tension is applied is a great idea.

    Sombrio – from the sublime to the ridiculous. I bought this months MBR (gasps all round) and the testers in the Hammerscmidt test look like some sort of bad clown convention. Glad I don’t “hang wiv the yoof” if you have to dress like that. And obviously I didn’t go in for the whole dayglo thing in the late 80’s early 90’s! If only!

    And even though it’s not my sort of bike I think the Corsair Marque looks just right. I think it’s cos the low standover and shock/linkage position is so low that it looks like it has a very low and centralised mass so should ride great. For those who are in to that sort of bike.

    I Like Yoof! ;] And I resent getting older – can’t wait to look like a short white Harlem Globe trotter with crows feet and a beard ;]

    I want lots of stuff now…..and I want to be 20 again.

    can I be 20, with my current level (or an improved one) of so-called disposable income?


    Sombrio kit looks very good – so 80s BMX it’s not true I want.


    £650 for a set of wheels where the rim and hub are made by the same people – where’s the logic? If I buy a set of Mavic rims on Hope hubs held together with DT or Sapim spokes there’s 3 different companies involved that all have to make a profit and they’ll come in at under £300 so how do these single source wheels all seem to be something like double the price? Crackers.

    the Corsair is surely just the same design – excepting the “floating” rocker pivot – as the old Sunn Radical+ & GT RTS (the ones with no stay pivot)?

    Mmmm…Colnago….sexy time…

    That’s Russ Mather in the Burley trailer – he once gave me a very good piece of advise. I just wish I’d listened to him, then none of this would ever have happened! LOL!

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