Memory Map Great Britain Top-up

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Memory Map Great Britain Top-up
From: Memory Map
Price: £25 for 25,000km2
Tested: Six months

Hello, my name’s Dave and I’m a mapaholic… And so it was with some interest that Memory map’s Great Britain top-up disk fell onto my desk. From the start I liked the concept of this offering. This is a way of getting Memory Maps great digital mapping of the UK in discrete portions to suit your specific needs.

Rather than having to buy a set area of the country (like the whole of the north), you purchase a quantity of map coverage in units of 6km square; in this case £25 buys you up to 25,000 square kilometres.

Once the initial software is installed and auto updated to the latest version, a quick bit of user configuration and you’re able to pick and choose exactly what mapping you need. As you choose the tiles from the large scale Master Map, so the detailed maps are downloaded from Memory Map’s server for you to keep. Being able to slice up the country into 6km squares is a very efficient way of buying maps. You can, for example buy the whole of the Peaks, but leave out Manchester and Sheffield, or you could cut out a 6km wide corridor of the South Downs Way without having to buy the whole region. And there’s no need to grab it all in one go, spare capacity is stored in your user account until you choose where you need next.

Overall: A great way to sell digital mapping allowing true customisation. Easy to use and great for route planning
Dave A

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