Coldly Christmas Commercial Countdown – Day 3: Campag Corkscrew

by Nathan 6

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Today’s Coldly Commercial Christmas Countdown selection is…


Campagnolo Corkscrew £139.99

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Buy your cycle driven friend this fancy bottle opener and they’ll be the toast of every party from now on.

Designed in 1966 and never bettered, this is more than amazingly well using a patented   telescoping body that ensures the tool is always central to cork. The long arms lever out even the tightest of corks with ease and the telescoping body further acts as a cork grip to allow the cork to be removed from the tool very easily. These technical features and the use of the finest raw materials have made this corkscrew a must, a symbol of genius that is recognised throughout the world.

But beyond all it’s beautifully designed functionality it surely must be the ultimate cycling talking point. See your mother’s jaw drop when you tell her how much this thing cost you and watch her eyes turn up to the ceiling as you try and explain to her why it was worth every penny. Cost be damned! This is a thing of beauty that any cyclist would love to own. The ultimate gift for any cyclist.

Warning – Alcohol consumption increases the likelyhood of this happening:

Campagnolo Corkscrew £121.73

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  1. lol I feel the pain………..

  2. oh how easy you boys make it look, wish i could fall off as gracefully as you

  3. last crash he proper lost it

  4. The last crash never fails to make me laugh! 😀

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