Knolly Bikes 2010 Frames

by Nathan 1

knollylgThey may not be the best known frame builders throughout the world, but the highly-acclaimed Knolly are back with a new line up of great looking bikes for 2010. All Knolly frames feature their patented Fourby4 linkage – making the bikes extremely tuneable and stiff.

March will see the release of the brand new Podium, and the refined Delirium.

Podium Bl

The Podium is a DH race orientated frame, with 213mm of rear travel and can take 8” travel up front. It has a 1.5” headtube and a 64 degree head angle.

£2199.00 with RS Vivid

£2299.00 with Fox RC4
£2499.00 with C.C Double Barrel

Delirium WhThe Delirium is a mid travel, All Mountain orientated frame. It has 170mm rear travel. The head angle is 67 degrees and the headtube is the same 1.5” as the Podium.

£1999.00 with DHX Air
£2099.00 with RC4
£2299.00 with C.C Double Barrel

Endorphin BlackKnolly also have their All Mountain Endorphin frame which is available to buy right now. It has the same head angle and headtube size as the Delirium, but has a shorter, 140mm of rear travel and is slightly cheaper as a result.

£1799.00 with RP23
£1799.00 with Fox DHX Air
£1999.00 with C.C Double Barrel

To see more visit Knolly Bikes or their UK distributors Ridinghigh

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  1. Loving the look of the delirium and podium

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