International Basque Force – Issue 53 Extras (With Premier Content)

by Mark Alker 6

A large selection of the pictures we couldn’t find the space to use in our travel feature from Singletrack Issue 53.

Mark and Sanny travelled to the Basque region of Spain to be guided by Doug from MTB holiday provider The full feature can be read in Issue 53 of Singletrack magazine.

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Mark from Reset filming asses
Waiting for the sun to set for the money shots
'Oooh you make me look good!'
Rowan Sorell heading for the sunset
Reset Films director scoping the location
As the sun set the temperature plunged. Mark adopted the survival position in the absence of females to share body heat with
Rowan gets air as Mark loses his
Rowan hero shot
'I can see the taverna from here!'
Moody Mark

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Comments (6)

  1. Mark

    I hope that’s a camera in your hand in the Moody Mark shot!



  2. “Reset Films director scoping the location”
    Oh man I’d love to ride that section.

  3. what make are Marks shorts?

  4. Sugoi shorts! Very nice too.

  5. “Wet river crossings are common”
    Thats the thing about rivers, well known for their damp quality 😉
    Looks like an ace holiday, erm I mean holiday company test review, nice work if you can get it.
    Mmmm spanish sidre and huge lumps of cow.

  6. Actually we were riding down that river, not crossing it!

    The embedded vid is ace, Sanny’s dancing should be illegal 🙂

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