Boardman Bikes Launch 3D Bike Film

by Ben Haworth 10

Entitled ‘The Commute’, the film stars stuntman Rob Jarman putting a Boardman mountain bike through its paces, against the breathtaking backdrop of Cwmcarn, South Wales.

The 90 second film comes after Channel 4’s recent “3D week” and takes advantage of the tens of thousands of 3D glasses given out across the UK in the past two weeks.

The film takes advantage of a new feature recently launched by YouTube which enables a 3D film to be viewed using any of the different varieties of 3D glasses. The film has been set to work with the amber/blue glasses given out during Channel 4’s 3D week, but viewers can easily change this by selecting the relevant colour combinations for other glasses.

And if you can’t get your hands on a pair of 3D glasses, fear not. The chaps at Boardman have thought of everything and have also launched a HD 2D version too…

Star of the film, Rob Jarman, commented: “Being shot in 3D was a first for me, it’s an amazing way to film action sports like mountain biking and the results are awesome.”

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  1. except i couldnt find the 3d glasses in sainsburies for the life of me.

  2. Can you use ‘old skool’ non polarised red n green 3d specs, and if so where do you change the colours of the film? Got some to hand here that I’ve actually being using for work purposes today 🙂

  3. dude left his bike outside his house – DOH!!!

  4. Just try it SSB – they probably won’t cause your eyes to be sucked out of your head and your brain to implode. Although it is a possibility.

  5. I thought Rob Jarman road for Marin? He hasn’t updated his Berghaus blog for ages.

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