Bikes Stolen From 18 Bikes. That’s it – they’re closing tonight.

by Chipps 16


18 Bikes shuts shop following break in – things go from bad to worse for award nominated retailer

Following a break in last Friday, 18 Bikes Ltd is closing its doors as of 17.30 on Tuesday 3rd November.

However, they will reopen as usual at 9.30 on Thursday (Wednesday is riding day!)

Along with several Endura jackets, four of the shops demo bikes were stolen, a Nicolai Helius CC, Pace RC405 and a Heckler and Blur LT2 from Santa Cruz. Full details are available at


Co owner Simon Bowns (pictured) says “The whole thing has me quite fed up, we’re trying to run a retail business alongside launching our new framebuilding venture – this is exactly the hassle we don’t need”

The demo bikes will all be replaced and 18 Bikes will continue to offer frames, bikes and builds from Santa Cruz, Nicolai, Pace, Cotic, Ragley, Genesis and more, all in the beautiful riding location of the Peak District.

Development continues on the 18 Bikes custom framebuilding project and despite this setback should launch early in the new year. Works manager Matt said “bugger this, I’m off welding”

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  1. So you’re closing, but not closing?

  2. exactly – just to get a headline really- we’re always closed on Wednesdays. Keep an eye out for the bikes though, eh?

  3. Gods, but you had me worried for a moment then!

    …but yes, go ride yer bikes for a while. Everything will seem much better afterwards!

  4. I almost thought, noo I’ll have to buy my mmmbop from some online shop. Will keep an eye out, I’m used to bikes of mine going missing.

  5. That reads more like an advertisment than anything.

  6. Didn’t fool me.
    Oh no.

  7. Rad to the power of still open.

  8. Ooo nearly fell for that, then I realised it’s Tue,:)

    Have fun.

  9. meh, cake from the Woodbine cafe needed, in my professional opinion.

  10. Well the nicolai should be easy to spot. Looked like sweet set up aswell.

  11. LOL!!! Hope alls good in Hope for you soon!

  12. It’s like a Daily Mail story…..

  13. Not good, but glad it’s not finished you off. Small bike shops are where it’s at!

    Didn’t know about the custom frames. Awesome! There can never be enough custom frame builders. Keep up the good work.

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