2010 Montane Kielder 100

by Ben Haworth 5


After only its first year this ground breaking new enduro event has already gained ssemi-legendary status, receiving a rapturous welcome and support by riders keen to find that next mountain biking ‘high’ that events such as the Montane Kielder 100 can give them.

This is not about winning this is about pushing the envelope, surviving and living to tell the tale.

The Montane K100 team: “We’ve received so many requests from not only those that have already been part of the first event but others that are eager to test themselves that we’ve opened the online entry system to enable people to plan their attempt at this epic event well in advance, after all you have less than 10 months to get yourselves in tip top condition if you want to break that 10 hr barrier!”

The date to remember for the second outing of this event is the 4th September 2010.


What can you expect?
The course itself will be tweaked so there may or may not be big wet surprises hidden in sneaky sections of singletrack There will however be a balance of singletrack and fire road, climbing and descending, as well as hot and cold feed stations along the way. This time you also get to compete for a handsome prize purse thanks to title sponsor Montane, along with a trophy, over the 4 categories.

Those hardcore/foolhardy enough to ride singlespeed will be competing for a whole raft of goodies. To keep you even more motivated there will be spot prizes along the way, so sprinting for the finish may earn you that extra position and a great prize.

To know more about the event, or to enter, head to: www.kielder100.co.uk

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  1. I’m looking forward to doing this again. That can’t be right!

  2. me too, I may even finish this year…

  3. lighter bike, better fitness, i’m winning this puppy!…….. well if they get rid of the 2 swimming pools least it’l be dryer if anything else

  4. ….Mmmmmm a ‘competitive’ event I’m actually half-tempted to do, that can’t be right, can it?

  5. Oh yes, it is right to do it. It took me over 11 hours to finish, wearing out my rear brake pads, chain and chainrings in the process but it needs to be done! And I’m building a nice little carbon hardtail to speed the process 🙂 what a great excuse!

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