Road Rage

by Nathan 0

With work schedules and family life – although I don’t really have either – I guess a lot of you are like me (I don’t mean mechanically backwards either) in that you try to get out on the trails at least one evening a week.roadrage

I’ve recently started going out on a Friday night to do a short local loop of about 4 miles – it’s not a lot of trail but its fun and helps keep the mountain bike wheels in motion.

The problem with riding more local trails is that, like most of you, I have to cycle along the road for a few miles before I get to the afore mentioned site – as I’m not lucky enough to live with a forest on my doorstep and taking the car such a short distance is simply ridiculous.

It’s not the road riding I mind – I have a road bike and dare I say it, I quite enjoy the different approach compared to mountain biking – but it’s the motorists that are really getting on my goat!

Last Friday, as I was on the 2 mile stretch of road back to my front door, I was greeted politely by a vehicle tooting the horn and the accompanying passenger shouting “di**head” out the window and also by a van and a lorry who refused to give me any manoeuvring space and almost forced me off into the ditch.

I was well illuminated, with a flashing rear light, front light, flashing reflective armband and semi-reflective jacket on (no back-pack) – so it wasn’t a case of the drivers only seeing me at the last moment. I was cycling just outside the yellow lines – so I wasn’t taking up a massive amount of road space and I was on a main road – so there was plenty of passing space for the overtaking vehicles anyway.

Yet these drivers still found it acceptable to hurl abuse at me and almost cause me serious harm. Perhaps I haven’t had enough years experience of biking and maybe I’m not yet old enough to have developed a withdrawn sense of caring – but these people have really annoyed me.

After reading some old forum threads, I’ve found that this is something that happens to a lot of bikers –frequently!

It seems as though motorists, of whom I am one myself, believe that only they have a right to be on the road. Cyclists of any nature should be applauded for choosing the harder path, avoiding the easy option of vehicular transport – we’re better for the environment too. So it infuriates me when I see people like this who are completely ignorant of anything other than their own self-deluded sense of importance.

Next week I’m going to bring something I can throw back at them – even though resorting to that level that will make me just as bad as them.

Now, where did I put that bag of dog ****…..

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  1. last week I had a similar esperience which resulted in the driver getting out of his car assaulting me and leaving me temporarily blinded in my right eye.

    car had false plates

  2. If the driver gets out of the car leg it – get out of there asap

  3. Wildrnes – Giving consideration to rethinking my tactics after your experience. I hope you got his registration number and are able to pursue the matter.

  4. Car paint is soluble in DOT fluid…


  5. I have learnt from experience not to retaliate. Remember they are in a car so any fight they win. If they get out of the car they are probably mental and looking for or regularly in a fight so follow TJ’s advice and leave. Don’t rise to it, don’t be put out by it and don’t retaliate. They’re normally the drivers who end up in the barriers at some point.


    sorry for the caps, but seriously, if your not in the lane, you give them no reason to give you space; get inside the lines, in the lane and then they’ll have to go around. A lot of it seems to be laziness – if you don’t give them a reason to pull in to the other lane, they won’t.

    Sure, it won’t stop people being dickheads and screaming, shouting or throwing stuff, but the lazy ones might think twice about what they are doing.

    Also, get some more lights on there; I run 4 on the back and two on the front to commute – still seem to get a close call or two every commute. I know it can be a pain for riding offroad, but again, give them absolutely no excuses should you have to take it further (ie complaint to police)

    oh, and MTFU and grow some!! 😉

  7. no he had false plates

    similar thing this morning
    i overtook bloke, he didn’t like it he hit me with his wing mirror then tried to ram me off the road..

  8. As langy said. Ride about a metre from the edge of the carriageway so that you’ve got some space to swerve should you need to and so that drivers are forced to use the other carriageway to overtake (not making you and them share the same lane as they overtake

    It doesn’t always work, but at least you then have space to get out of the way
    I find busses are consistently the worst. Though there are far too many scary/lazy/impatient/dopey car drivers about as well

  9. As much as I get highly/massively wound up and frustrated at the numerous idiots in motor vehicles I have learnt to mostly ignore it & control myself, but wow do I boil hot inside. Becoming a martar is not an option just eat the cr~p they hurl at you and get home alive. My wife has been shot my a paint ball gunner, I’ve been gobbed at pushed off the road, hit by a cricket bat blar blar it’s an endless list. Seems to be human nature that if someone is in your path you abuse them. I reward myself for good self control when I manage to not retaliate with even a W&nkr or V sign if I’m insulted.

  10. Ah sheesh, it’s hard out there, and we all seem to know it. I’ve learnt to rise above it thus avoiding sinking to their level, which would just result in more anger and frustration.

    If you retaliate you prolong the whole confrontation and since the confrontation will, sadly, never end with them grovelling, collecting their teeth and promising to never drive again, it’s best to make it as short as possible and just ignore them.

    Yes, yes, I know, it’s very hard. I’m not perfect: plenty of speeding overtakers still get a two-fingered salute (particularly effective with reflective gloves) but I no longer smash wing mirrors and passnenger windows with my fists, which just resulted in me getting bloody. I still WANT to do it: the number of times I get called a “c&&t” for no reason (other than impeding a driver’s ability to do 50mph a foot away form the kerb) still makes me WANT to repeatedly slam their face into the pavement, but that’s not allowed, even if it is deserved.

    So be the bigger man or woman and ride away, dreaming of the day they fail to negotiate a bend.

  11. Reading this lot makes you think were being cynical of the masses, for every incident mentioned, a hundred + cars pass by with the due care and attention that all road users should use.
    However one idiot ruins it for he rest of them, as anyone who used to go to football matches will warrant, it’s always a few giving the rest a bad name.
    However soccer hooligans eventually got punished by being band from matches, then imprisonment for the more serious offences; But these idiotic morons are endangering the regular cyclist, and getting away with it, I don’t know what the answer is, perhaps photo’s of their reg up on a website highlighting them as co**ks of the road,then 3 strikes and a system of enforcement comes into play.
    ANy ideas anyone, perhaps the LCC or Sustrans already has this, i don’t know. But we can’t go round spraying cars with paint to show the off as Tw**s of tarmac.

  12. It’s (some of) the roadies that have ruined it for everyone, riding 4 abreast, no hand signals, no shoulder checks, changing lanes without looking, riding through red lights they just don’t seem to give a sh1t about any other road users, unfortunately, they seem to take it out on anyone on two wheels.