Ibis Gets New UK Distributor

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Ibis Cycles now have a new UK distributor as of about now. Here’s their rather amusing press release on the matter. Look for a couple of Ibis bike tests in upcoming issues of Singletrack (as soon as we get them all built up…) – we have a Mojo SL, Tranny and a Hakkalügi pencilled in already…


Ibis Cycles, Inc – maker of innovative performance bicycles – named 2pure Ltd. of Edinburgh, Scotland as their distributor for the United Kingdom. With the move 2pure will become the UK’s source for the Ibis Mojo – recently named “Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike” by the consumer review site MTBR.com for the third year running, as well as the the innovative Tranny hardtail, Silk SL road bike, Hakkalügi cyclocross bike, and the yet to be released Mojo HD.

According to Ibis president, Tom Morgan – “2pure’s mix of carefully selected, highly desired brand’s with zero crossover made them a perfect fit for Ibis. But it was their small hardworking team – much like Ibis – that sealed the deal.” 2pure director, George Bowie, said – “Och aye, sure we love the bikes, but it was Tom’s animal magnetism that drove us to pursue Ibis. I haven’t wanted anything like that since that last Demi Moore movie.”

Future collaboration between 2pure and Ibis may include a cultural/agricultural exchange, with 2pure sending single malt whiskeys westward, and Ibis sending California mountain grown skunk bud to Scotland. That is assuming that the legal and logistical issues can be ironed out. According to Morgan – “California and Scotland share many cultural values, such as the acceptance of men in skirts. This exchange is a natural extension of the ties that already exist.”

2pure is also the UK distributor for Clif Bar, Crank Bros, DeMarchi, Jimi, Feedback, Lizard Skins, Nema, Niterider, Pedros, Pinhead. 2pure will debut the Ibis line at the London Cycle Show, October 8~11th.

The 2pure website is www.2pure.co.uk and Ibis can be found at www.ibiscycles.com.

See more Ibis stuff in our recent Interbike and Eurobike coverage.


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    is that really long term view of the normal mojo ever coming chaps????

    It’s written and photographed and rumoured to be going online this week.

    We may get some customer service now 🙂

    Thats the best press release I have read in a long long time. For some unexplianable reason it makes me want to a buy a mojo, but I’m holding out for a HD.

    What size Tranny are we getting? 🙂

    So, was it Jungle did this before? How come they’re out of favour then?

    …and will it be a butch or a jay Tranny?

    Where’s the Skunk? Please ;]

    what customer service do you want? I just speak directly to Hans at the factory!

    I don’t think Jungle are out of favour, it’s just that with Santa Cruz doing carbon bikes now, there’s probably a bit too much of a crossover of brands and bikes.

    nice one chaps thanks for the reply!!!!!!!

    Green Tranny looks superb. If Carlsberg did Singlespeeders…..

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