Cotic BFe – Cycleshow Video Interview

by Mark Alker 4

Cy shows Mark around the all new Cotic BFe in our Cycleshow sitting room studio

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  1. Liking that a lot 🙂

    Why is there a slab of ham on the plate though?

  2. That’s a rasberry sponge you plonker!

  3. I’m excited… is that Blue going to be available??? Any other colours??

  4. Thanks everyone. That’s Pure Cyan and it will be a stock colour when they arrive, hopefully in January. We’ve got to get that one on a test rig next week to get final CEN sign off, then we’ll push the button on a batch. The other colour will be gritstone, which is kind of a very, very dark matt grey which will have black scotchlite decals. The mock ups of that look very, very cool.

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