Bike Perspective Shifted Video

by Nathan 11

We saw this video and thought that you should see it too. It’s not about anything specific, but it’s got some deep commentary and some pretty impressive footage. Enjoy

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  1. Ooh, pretty. I like the season change shots at the end.

  2. nice good to see a bike related movie a bit different

  3. Railing a burm with the bars skimming the ground was pretty cool…

  4. Has it been deleted? Anyway – this seems to be the same vid…

  5. Shame about all the pretentious cobblers for the first minute and a half. Actual riding footage looked great. Wouldn’t mind seeing the finished article.

  6. looks lovely, i love the birds eye view of the swaying spring vegetation as the rider goes past.

  7. I can’t seem to view it. It just has a loading logo, nothing else is happening

  8. Alexsimon, your link doesn’t work for me either

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