Simple Fun in Verbier – Video

by Ben Haworth 27

Cotic rider Robbie Rickman spent the summer in Verbier, and between his busy schedule of learning to paraglide and relaxing at the bar, he hooked up with Simon Vacher from Pixelmedia toshoot some Mucking About On Bikes ™.

Cotic Chief Cy Turner: “Earlier this year Robbie asked how tough the Cotic Simple was. Being based on the Cotic Soul, the answer was ‘pretty tough’. So we got together with the team sponsors and sorted him out a sweet bike for trials and, as mentionedabove, general Mucking About On Bikes. He’s christened it his Dimplespeed due to fitting it out with two gear options for trials or riding around.”

Robbie’s Blog about the shoot:


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  1. Riding with no helmet good example to set!

  2. If he bins it big time, it’ll be interesting to see which of them walks/rolls away from it intact….. I suspect the bike would fare better….

  3. “If he bins it…I suspect the bike would fare better….”

    Well yeah, that’ll be true helmet or not. If he trips on his laces he’s likely to get hurt as well.

    It’s amazing. You see kids walk on walls, climb trees and all sorts of other things without a helmet on. But as soon as a bike is involved, people are like “get a helmet on”, as if bikes are really dangerous! Where does this perception come from?
    You are far more likely to get a head injury travelling in a car, but no one wears a helmet for that.

  4. Oh, nice vid btw. Once I turned the volume down!! Lack of earplugs rather than helmet is something that would bother me more.

  5. What a shody place to ride in 🙂

  6. LoL!
    I wasn’t aware that going singlespeed would risk your life unlike not wearing a helmet! I stand corrected.

  7. Well, as it happens I have had a word with Rob about wearing his lid in future vids. He shot this one kind of off-the-cuff having bumped into Simon (the producer) in Verbier completely randomly. I know Rob will be fine, and Rob know’s he’ll be fine, but it’s not an example I really want to be setting as Cotic. That said, the video was entirely too ace not to release just for this reason. Still making me smile seeing it, and I must have watched it 30 times now!

  8. Watched first few mins and as an old bloke have a real problem with the yoof of todays attitude to public property, in this case the picnic bench.

    Cy. If the helmet thing is setting a poor example of conduct what is the bench/table hopping antics doing for UK public relations.

    Far too many UK residents filming/photographing antics like this when they are away on holidays. For me it is just as bad as the lagers louts.

    Sorry, but!!!!!

  9. Ain’t with you there Trekster. All interesting stuff and I still ride on park bunches. Soz.

  10. Trekster – you being serious???

    If so, since when has rubber on wood caused any damage??? Its not like he’s grinding it with his cranks or pedals!!!

  11. Oh, forgot to say – Awesome riding!

    Makes me realise I should push my Soul a bit more!

  12. “a real problem with the yoof of todays attitude to public property, in this case the picnic bench.”

    are yoofs not members of the public too?

  13. Cy – Don’t apologise for him not wearing a lid- He’s an adult were adults, and who says he’s trying to be a rolemodel? And as for Trekster I’m hoping he’s joking..

  14. i didn’t even notice he wasn’t wearing one, awesome vid envy? me? too flippin right.

    oh and lighten up y’all

  15. Who’s the tune by, what’s it called?

  16. The tune is “Heaven Falls” by Hope and Social (their website is mentioned above) 🙂

  17. He falls off at 1:55! Watch it again. 😉

  18. agree with wors; first time i watched it (prior to reading the whiny cr@p!), all i noticed was a bloke enjoying riding really well in some spectacular settings…

  19. So many whiny old gits on here. Balls to convention.

  20. awesome.
    want to go ride now.
    stuck in work.


  21. >If so, since when has rubber on wood caused any damage???

    Exactly. No glove, no love.


  22. P.S Nice vid makes me a) want to go and ride b) wish I had that riding near me c) wish I was a better rider

  23. Rigid singlespeed – ‘s the future!
    Some damn cool looking trails and that seesaw puts lee quarry one to shame.

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