Interbike Video Diary 5

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Camelbak’s new UV Water Purification bottle and a new rack from Thule that we really liked a lot.

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    Camelbac??? this has been done with plastic bottles for ages…. clear plastic bottle in sunlight for one hour…and voila! germ free! well almost!

    What a gadget though! B-)

    i think thats cool. is there a bottle cage for it? maybe the oversized king cage would fit?

    The bottle it comes with is oversized and for some odd test passing reasons it had to be but conveniently the top part (with all the UV gubbins in) screws on to a standard water bottle.

    by the time it was purified, i’d be fed up FFS.
    what a gimmick !

    the_lecht_rocks. in the uk are water is safe to drink from the tap many parts of the world are not, you can risk it if you want others would rather be safe. not gimmick

    It is a gimmick. UV is no good without very fine filtration prior.

    They have a coffee style filter system for just such a situation that you need to filter out particles too.. They have actually (shock horror!) done some research into this kind of stuff before launching. I know that may be hard to come to terms with.. They ARE a commercial company after all 🙂

    tool-ay? what is tool-ay?? isn’t it thyool? like fuel with a ‘th’ a the start?

    eric looks like a bit of a tool-ay

    Not half as much as you’ve just made yourself sound with your ‘th… like fuel’ pronounciation 🙂

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